Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

I'm desperately flicking, when I should be amassing a huge amount of data to be distributed to everyone today. Okay. I've really only flicked one hour away. I had a meeting, and I've gotten a lot of thinking done and did a lot of code exploration yesterday and over the weekend that I needed to do. Still... pizza dough, bagel recipes, and LiveJournal I should *not* be doing...

Plus the mild regret at seeing the permanent accounts go by and knowing that I've already paid for two year's worth, so it seems silly to buy the permanent account at this moment, as on part-time salaries, it's not really money I can just throw away like that. Well, it could be and I know that if I asked John, he'd say yes, but I'd feel guilty.

Weird how feelings aren't always right.

Joan's even taking Jet for an extra hour this morning just so I can get things done... so I'd best be doing again.

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