How Cool.

I've been kind of worried about archiving my LJ for a while... not really worried, but... just in case kind of knowing that I should do it sometime. I have eight years' worth of stuff on here... and it bothers me to not have ONE backup in case something happened, but nothing, up to this point, did the comments as well as the entries.

So... amberley pointed me at ljbook.

Well, it seemed to work... *sighs* It only lets you do three, and doesn't say that to start... so I may well go with tgryn's suggestion of doing using ljarchive, if I can get it to work...
I use LJArchive. I like the search options it gives and the automatic updating it does each time the program gets opened, and it also saves the comments. I think there's a number of decent LJ archive programs out there; what's important is to have and use one to keep a backup, rather than relying on LJ being around in perpetuity.
Yeah, yours is much better.

I just downloaded the exe and away I went. It's really easy to use... and it's now all down on my machine. Wow.

No funny book things to deal with, either.

Thank you!!
You're welcome. I have to earn my "Ishikawa" rep from time to time, right? 8)
Yeah. This particular case was industrial sabotage, but it reinforces the need for keeping good backups against plain old accidents, as well.

My own reaction was to write a simple .BAT program that copies all changed files in my Firefox and Thunderbird directories to my external hard drive - basically, preserving my email and my browser settings/bookmarks/etc. Ideally I'd like the thing to run automatically every time I shut the computer down, since otherwise it runs into sharing violations if FFox or TBird are still open - am still working on that one. This is in addition to the every-few-months big backup to DVD I do.

Good point, though, I'll go add my LJArchive file to the BAT now.