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butterfly and blossoms

After my nap on Sunday, Macy showed me a book on China and made me paint her a greater panda and a lesser panda, and then when I was done with that, she painted a little while.

Then, when she left, there was still a little ink, so I dabbed this guy... it's more in the style of Chi of the Brush than my usual style, but I liked the butterfly enough... even out of proportion... it was fun to do anyway...

butterfly and blossoms
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Mantis on log

The bemusing thing is that, as usual, I did pretty much what someone else wanted... creating because someone else desired what I wanted to create.

I really didn't like what I'd done with the pandas...

But these two turned out far more spontaneous than my usual stuff,but then that's kind of what Nan Rae really does advocate in her book.

She does a really excellent introduction on how to mix colors on the brush and what the effects really should be. I really liked the multiple colors on the butterfly's wing, and how the many colors worked out on the truck of the tree.

I need to do more like these, I think, as it really is half accident and half intent on these. I can't control it, so I just ride it and nudge it a little in the direction I really want. Harder to let got that way, but with these I just have to commit with the brush and go.
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