Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Eight Chapters of Samurai Champloo

Went through two whole disks this morning, and my head is going... gah... *laughs* So MUCH to each of these.

Finished the wandering about in the mountains "Lullabies of the Lost" verses 1 and 2. I love how they always come back together after splitting up and the real concern in Jin seems... obvious to me, now, when Mugen is gone or in trouble or when he can hear Fuu. I loved Mugen, fighting the guy and then going, "That's WRONG" when they shot him and Mugen's the one that goes nuts even as Jin helps out.

The tagging one "War of the Words" was WONDERFUL!! I loved Mugen learning how to read!! Longmont has a tagging wall, and a bunch of the local gang artists have started getting hired to do wall art for a lot of the local businesses, so it's been an odd sort of local success story, so this one was really amusing to me. The whole things was a BLAST... and how Mugen got to top the two brothers was really great. I loved how Jin realized that the boys were out for their own kind of revenge and how they got it.

The church one "Unholy Unton" was... interesting. I loved that Fuu had full faith in the boys coming to get her, no matter what, and that she went into all that just to ask about the sunflower samurai. And that her faith and, well, everyone else's was satisfied in the end. That seemed, holy appropriate. *grins*

Oh, wow, and I'm still processing the Sarah one, "Elegy of Entrapment" the one with the blind musician. I'm in *awe* of that story, that chapter. Of the four of them being HAPPY for a little while, and the lovely little bits of them traveling together and the boys protecting the musician. And the oddly gentle romance between Mugen and Sarah. Of exactly how Jin, of course, is the one to agree to be the tiger in the jaws of the trap. And of how he escapes and what he learns and how he learns it, I loved the fisherman's jokes, brutal and effective. It was really amazing to see Mugen worried about Jin this time around, the reflection of the relationship in Lullabies from his side. Of the fact that Mugen says the ha... holding back, who am I trying to fool? That she was THAT good, and the fight sequence in the rain was just so awesome I want to just jump up and down and squeal and dance around. And then my body just stopped cold when I saw that She Had Mugen, she had the drop on him, had the hit and when I saw her reversal the first time at full speed I nearly died; and then they played it back in slow-motion and I had to just sit down. Oh my god, good. That was just... so good...

Damnit I want to get back into Kendo, so badly it hurts. I need to talk with the dojo again and see where they are...

"Cosmic Collisions" was kind of ho hum. The comparison to "Elegy" did not help it at all. But... Zombies. Gotta be good for something.

"Baseball Blues" started that way for me. Ho hum... stupid Americans... and the early part of the inning was fun as the characters were in character for their at-bat. But when the American team started cheating. THAT was when *I* perked up and went oh HO! And I cheered like a madwoman at Jin... *laughs* The overhand shot, the running of the bases, and his shame at the end. *falls over giggling* And, of course, Mugen is ALWAYS the Last Man Standing. Always.
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