From the Mouth of... Jet

Yesterday John had a meeting he had to get to in the evening. And I was having a really crappy kind of day. I'd actually started well, with a ten mile ride and a good shower and some SamCham. But then it all went south due to some just... stupid stuff, really, partially my fault was some of the heartrending part of it. But I just shut everything off when I could and Jet took me to dinner at Noodles and Company.

We ordered, sat down, did a little potty going dance, as one or the other of us watched our stuff, and when I came back we had our food. I got mac and cheese because I was feeling like comfort food, and Jet had his buttered noodles with seasoning as he always did. Some things cannot change.

As meal conversation, we talked a little bit about the fact that Momma was feeling cranky, and I asked Jet, "Well, what do you think I should do about it?"

He thought a bit, tilted his head and said, "Well, one, maybe you should do less computer work, 'cause sometimes it frustrates you. Two, you could always just stop thinking about what it is that makes you so cranky. And, we're doing the third thing I could think of, which is to eat. Can't think of much more than that to stop you from being so cranky."

I nodded. "Do you think ice cream after dinner would help, too?"

"Oh, yeah. That always helps," he said with a smile.

Wise are the ways of the young.
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Those really are words to live by. I hope he never forgets to follow his own advice. :)
So true. They see us every day... it's amazing what he'll tell me if I ask. *grins*
god that is so cute. If only we could turn off the things that upset us or our minds that would be great.

ice cream after dinner always helps. :)
*grins* Yeah, I have to agree...

both to being able to turn our brains off a particular subject, AND ice cream. Yum.
Jet is so smart, and so well able to organize his ideas and speak them out loud. I'm really impressed. o.O
XDD Yeah... the three points on his three fingers really bemused me. He really knew what it was he wanted to say, I guess.
Ah, the simple wisdom of a child. "If you don't like the game, don't play." I know there are complications with that once you grow up, but I think we can choose to "not play" more often than we think.

How old is this wise little man, again? :)
Yeah, exactly.

He's seven. He's always kind of been this way. There's several folks at our church that call him the Little Buddha. Now that caught my attention. *laughs*

I figure I might as well take advantage and ask him about my troubles, as he always has something direct to say about it.
Can I vote for Jet for Dalai Lama now?
...because, yes. He'd be better than running -this- country.

Wonderful story, that, with a wonderful kid.

Re: Can I vote for Jet for Dalai Lama now?
Poor guy, I wouldn't wish running this country on him. *laughs*

The ones that might best do it are the ones least willing to be in that position, I suspect. Because any sane man would never want that job.

Thanks!! I think he's something special, but I am biased. *grin*
Ice cream always makes it better. :)

Jet has some great advice. He could write a column. :D
*laughs* I should start an "Ask Jet" column... and just take questions and write down what he says about 'em.
Ice cream after dinner helps all. He's a seriously smart guy, that Jet of yours... He deserves a hug! ^___^