Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

So the four year olds kept falling onto the ground to make Jet laugh. He laughed a lot. He also started saying, "No no no no no..." and pushing the hands of the four-year-old boys off his stroller when they grabbed it. He pointed at everything, and folks explained what things were to him. He was quiet, well-mannered and cheerful for the whole morning adventure. He drank a bottle, but was too distracted to eat. He had exactly one half hour nap and that was all for today. Cranky baby.

This morning, I got up early to spell John, as he was trashed last night by Jet getting up and *screaming* from 12 to 1. I felt awful, so I did a few morning calesthetics, and when I started exercising, Jet's face lit up and he said, clear as a bell, "Joan!"

Joan does aerobics at home while she's watching Jet, after Haley's finished watching Blue's Clues. Every morning, she does this. So Jet naturally said, "Joan!" when he saw *me* doing exercises! I boggled! "What!" says I. Jet grinned his smug grin and went back to playing with his toys and wouldn't say a word. Smug boy.

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