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Silver and Black: Act 3: The Condo, Scene 1 'Getting There'

Title: Act 3: The Condo, Scene 1 'Getting There'
Series: Silver and Black
Characters: Chris and David
Genre: Modern day yaoi romance
Rating: PG-13 for language
Beta:mysocalledhell Thank you!
Summary: David has invited Chris to his condo, and the two men meet up over dinner and homework.
Word Count: 4619
A/N: The song lyrics are from Switchfoot's "Twenty four", in case you want to listen as you read. This is an original story written by the amazing stark_black and I. We hope you enjoy these guys as much as we enjoyed writing them. Chris Stark is owned by stark_black. David Li is owned by myself. Copyright 2008 by Jennifer Stark and Liralen Li. All rights reserved.

The previous chapter.

Saturday, November 8, 12:08 am

David got on his phone as he walked through the quiet misting rain that was falling as cool and soft as a kiss on his face, his hair, beading in silver on the waterproof nap of his long trench coat.

He hit the fast dial for security at the complex of condominiums. He put the phone to his ear to hear it dial as he walked. It rang only once, and then Wally's voice came on. "Camlann Park Square Security, may I help you?"

"It's David, Wally. I've got a guest coming, his name's Chris Stark, should be there in half an hour or so, please let him in to my unit?"

"Certainly, Mr. Li. That is mildly unusual, since you are not in your residence. May I ask why you do not wish for your guest to await your presence?" Wally sounded, as polite as usual, but firm in what even David could see might be a security matter.

"You may. It's past midnight, it's raining, and he might scare other folks a little," David said frankly. "He's nearly six feet tall, torn jeans, and biker's gear."

"Ah, I see."

David mused that Wally's silences were sometimes more eloquent than hours of babble from other people.

"I'm sure you do. And having him in my place would... probably keep him out of your hair."

"You understand that would mean we would hold no liability for what he might..."

"Yes," David interrupted firmly. "This call will be in your security logs. I'll take responsibility for whatever happens in my unit."

"Thank you, sir."

"You're welcome. And I'm not exactly sure how he'll feel about being escorted, so feel free to hand him my extra key. You've got the cameras."

"I also have my common sense, Mr. Li. Are you quite sure you wish this... man... in your apartment? He seems something of a security risk. I could turn him away without you ever being involved if you don't wish to do so yourself."

David paused and really thought about it. Was he inviting trouble into his own home? Perhaps, but he remembered Chris' eagerness over the home-cooked meal. He grinned a little, "Thank you, Wally. I appreciate your concern for me, but I really would like for him to be let in, please."

The guard's tone turned dry, "Indeed, Mr. Li. I believe we can accommodate your requests. Will that be all?"

"I believe so. Thank you, Wally."

"At your service, Mr. Li."

David hung up. He walked. He thought, and it suddenly hit him that Christopher Stark was attainable, touchable, and had said that he wanted him, David. He had to stop walking for a bit, found a wall to lean against, and just stood there shaking, as his mind replayed the heat of Chris' breath against his throat.

Finally he took a deep, slow breath, and found it tight enough that he shrugged and pulled out his emergency inhaler. He used it and felt the quick relief of his lungs opening again. He then headed to the car. He got in and mechanically got going, taking a moment to think through the best on ramp to I-5, and then going on auto-pilot to get to 520 to head east.

His fingers twitched on the gear shift as his mind ran through the night, the magic of the play, the confusion and bemusement at the Internet café. He'd actually invited the man to his high-end condo home with the stuck-up neighbors and far too much money in the parking lot.

Ramen. That would be good, not out of the vending machine, but hot and right out of the kitchen. He knew he had some of the homemade char sui in the freezer, and hoped that the green onions would still be solid enough to use. He'd eaten the yellow pickled daikon the other day, so it was good, still; and he had a couple of medium boiled eggs ready to go. Cooking for one was a pain, but a lot less fraught than going out to eat as a single person, for David at least, and he'd gotten used to freezing extra portions and prepping and buying in smaller quantities so he could get through things before they rotted in the fridge.

Being able to focus on the food lessened the odd sort of terror that was haunting him about having a person in his very much a bachelor's home.

It would be okay. It was just dinner and some stupid computer tricks that he could do in his sleep. It was getting late enough he was feeling the drag of tiredness against his limbs and breathing. That hadn't always been the case, as he used to stay up until 2 or 3 and get up at 9 for more. It had been harder in the last year and a half, and he wasn't sure why. Tonight might be a long one, and he had plenty of motivation to try.

Saturday, November 8, 12:42 am

Chris sped through Redmond, a fine mist almost blinding him as it covered the visor of his helmet. Having read over the directions and memorizing them quickly, Chris looked for the next street name and slowed, letting up on the accelerator a bit.

As he spotted the turn and shifted down, Chris thought about his brass actions this evening. He hadn't gone home with some random guy in a long time. What had come over him? Well... besides the fact that this guy was tragically hot and didn't even seem to know- making him even hotter. Oh, and the whole genius thing... okay, not really genius, but close enough for Chris. Anyone that understood computers was a fucking Einstein in his book. When his friend Dustin had come over to hook up his Xbox 360 for him, Chris had worshiped the guy for weeks. Maybe it was the fact that this David was older? Maybe getting himself involved with someone older would prove to be a more mature relationship, and God knew how much he needed someone that wasn't a fucking drama queen. The fact that David was older and deep into a field that Chris was completely oblivious of, also meant that he had an entirely different social circle. It would be so nice to meet new people for a change. Older people with careers and families and... well... just not in the whole trendy scene right now. Chris was so tired of that.

Wait, what the hell? Chris suddenly realized what he was thinking. I'm going over to this dude's place to have him help me with a computer thing. Here I am thinking of different social circles and meeting his friends! If anything happens, it'll no doubt be just for tonight. What the hell would a sophisticated guy like that want with me? Like hell he'd ever want to show me to his friends! I'm twenty-five and I don't even have a real job! Chris knew he better set his focus on the task at hand and look at any physical stuff as a one time gig; nothing more than a really nice bonus.

A really fucking nice bonus…

Chris saw the sign for Camlann Park Square, and turned in. He faltered a little when he saw how nice the community was. Probably fifteen hundred a month for one of these, easy.

Damnit! Sexy, a genius, AND rich... fuck! No way in hell this guy’s gonna be interested in anything more than getting an itch scratched! This dude is like a prince, and I’m a freaking pauper! Fuck you, God! This isn't fair! What did I do to deserve this?! Good thing Chris was moderately attractive, otherwise he would have never gotten this once in a lifetime chance.

He pulled up to the security gate and lifted his visor when he saw the guard sitting behind the window.

The guard opened the small slider and gave him a 'look'. Chris was pretty used to that, people treated you differently when you rode a motorcycle, which was stupid. Didn't cops ride motorcycles?

Chris smiled brightly, something he had gotten extremely good at since becoming a slightly high profiled actor, and gave a little wave. "Hello!" He said, cheerfully, "I'm Chris Stark. I'm supposed to tell you that, and I'm here for a David who lives in C223 so you don't think I'm a serial rapist."

The guard blinked at him for a second before he smiled softly and chuckled. "Yeah, he told me you were coming. I'm Wally." The older man stood, revealing a better frame than most security guards Chris had seen in his life. Not pot belly or extra pounds hanging in the usual places. Only a stocky build, and a uniform that fit like it was supposed to.

"Nice to meet you, Wally."

Wally directed Chris to a parking space and the actor turned off the engine. Pulling his helmet from his head, Chris noticed Wally's uniform pants were bloused with a fold over- a style unique to officers in the army.

"Were you in the service?" Chris asked, as he fell into step beside the older man.

Wally regarded him with clear blue eyes and smiled softly underneath his graying moustache.

"Yes I was," he answered. "Army, fifteen years, but got out on medical. Broke my spine in two places."

"Holy shit!" Chris exclaimed, "How are you still walking?"

Wally shrugged. "Just fractures, but they made it so I couldn't shoot the fifty cal anymore, or carry the ruck for more than a couple miles. So damn close to retirement too."

"Well, you have the medical," Chris offered as they climbed the steps. "What percentage did you get?"


"Oh nice!" Chris almost hopped the rest of the way up.

"You seem to know your way around it, kid." Wally furrowed his eyebrows, but his eyes were kind. "Were you in? Or are you someone's brat?"

"MP, four years. Did two tours in Iraq, and then got out for school."


"Yes, sir."

Wally 'hmf'd'. "Too bad."

"At least I wasn't Navy."

They both chuckled as they reached C223. Chris liked this Wally a lot. Too bad this was probably the only time he'd ever see him.

"I was supposed to just give you the key and let you be," Wally said. "But the conversation was interesting. And I wanted to know what kind of person Mr. Li was having over."

"You screen all his visitors?" Chris teased.

"I would if he had any," Wally said with a sigh. "I think you're the first visitor he's had in almost a year."

Chris couldn't hide his surprise and he fought to mask his jaw dropping with a quick, "Oh, wow..."

Wally shrugged again and handed him the key. "Well, you have a nice night then. I'll probably see you around." With that, he turned and made his way back down the stairs.

"Thank you!" Chris called.

He turned to the door and slipped the key into the lock. Inside, the place was dark, and smelled like several kinds of teas and... oranges maybe? Some kind of citrus. Chris flipped on the lights and blinked at the scene before him.

Messy wouldn't be the right word. It looked like everything was actually where it was for a reason. David was probably one of those people that had so much to do and so many things going through their heads all the time, that having everything in a certain place but in relative chaos, made them able to function and focus a little better. Putting things away or organizing would be redundant because the place would be cluttered again in ten minutes. Chris had a few friends like that in high school and chuckled at something they had once told him. He had been sitting on the couch, waiting his turn on the PlayStation, when an overwhelming urge to clean everything had come over him. His friends had let him for about six and a half minutes before they had threatened to tie him to the couch.

"Make sure you never do that on a date," Ryan had instructed. "Well, not the first date anyway. You can start cleaning her apartment on the third date, okay?"

Sound advice that Chris had taken with him ever since.

At least I know from the clutter, this guy isn’t like, anal retentive… or a serial killer… or something…

Stepping around piles of manila files and papers with some kind of computer jargon on them, Chris found his way past the kitchen and into the living room. Bookshelves lined every wall, and computers took up almost every flat space Chris could see. Every flat space except...

Oh, no fucking way!

Chris almost leapt across the room, dumping his backpack and helmet on the couch. He removed several folders and a small black glasses case from a black covering. He unzipped the corner and pulled the cover off of a Williams Symphony Elite.

"Oh shit..." Chris whispered as he fawned over the electric piano.

Everything was seemingly untouched. The keys were in perfect condition, the station was ready and waiting to record and jack into the computer. If there was anything that Chris could do with a desktop, it was work a sound system and equalizer. Oh, the things he could do, the things he could compose if he had access to something like this all the time...

Chris liked David a thousand times more at that moment, and started to wonder if he played.

Chris moved a coffee mug from the bench and sat, adjusting the angle and scooting back to accommodate for his long legs. He pressed the 'on' button and watched the screen on the station light up. He played a few test notes and adjusted the volume.

His heart hammered as he shrugged off his jacket and tossed it on the couch to join his other things. His fingers hovered over the keys for a moment before he started in with a few solid chords, the lyrics to the song running through his head as he got the feel of the instrument back into his system. It had been years since he played, but it was a bit like riding a bike. His mouth opened and his clear baritone accompanied the chords, filling out the parts of the song, and making Chris feel like he was home.

Twenty four oceans... twenty four skies...
Twenty four failures... for twenty four tries...

David went through Redmond on autopilot as he thought about what was awaiting him in his condo. He came to the security gate and he rolled down his window.

"Hi, Wally, he get here okay?"

Wally nodded behind the glass, "Yes, Mr. Li. He's safely in." Then the guard gave a quiet smile that reached those usually severe blue eyes. "Nice young man, that."

David looked up at the security guard in surprise. "I... I'm glad you think so. Thank you."

"You're welcome." And the gate opened.

David wondered what it was that Chris had done to convince the ever-professional Wally to like him. He slid the TT into his spot and found the motorcycle already in the other slot he never used. David could feel his pulse picking up simply at seeing the sleekness of the motorcycle. He shook his head at the racing of his own hormones, and went on up to his condo.

I want to see miracles... to see the world change...
Wrestled the angel... more than a name...

David paused as he came to his door and heard music coming from his condo. He stopped and leaned against the jamb of the door to listen, his throat tight against the emotions welling up at the simple combination of voice and chords. His hands tightened on themselves and he almost couldn't bring himself to walk in.

The open hope and sorrow of the words, carried so clearly by that pure voice just twined deeper around all the emotions running rampant through David's heart and mind.

So he waited until the song was finished. Then he fumbled the knob, clanked the key into the lock, and opened the door with his head down.

Chris heard the click of the door being unlocked and looked up from the keys. He had gotten so into the music, he had forgotten where he was. He looked up and watched David close the door behind him, his hair slightly damp and hanging heavily around his face. Chris quickly shut the key cover and turned around on the bench, twiddling his thumbs, embarrassed at being caught messing with the stuff of a guy he barely knew.

"Hi, sorry, I couldn't resist, the piano was calling to me."

David looked up at the apology and shook his head. "You shouldn't resist. That was... great." He smiled. "Better than I can do now, not that I could ever sing, but... well..."

Chris smiled excitedly. "So you do play!"

David laughed. "Used to. Not nearly as well anymore." He picked his way through his stuff towards his kitchen.

"Well, that's cool anyway," Chris said, getting up and planning on following the older man, but stopped and shoved his hands in his pockets. Why was he here again?

"Is there stuff you don't like on ramen?" David asked over his shoulder. "Sorry about... all the stuff, the kitchen's clear."

Chris’ stomach growled and he stepped over more piles chuckling softly. "It's okay, I don't mind clutter if it's not mine, and yeah, onions."

"Okay," David said. "No onions. I used to just play classical piano... really liked Baroque stuff, but it's been a while and my hands are too..." He shrugged. "Abused, really, to have the strength for practicing any more."

He turned on the lights in the neat little kitchen. As chaotic as the rest of the apartment was, the kitchen was cleared and clean, each utensil, knife, and appliance obviously in its own spot. The marble countertops, the oak cabinets, and the stainless steel fixtures over a deep tub sink were beautiful as well as utilitarian. There were drying pots, pans, tools in the dish rack, and the sink was clear.

"Get some water in one of the bigger pots and get it on a fire?" David asked. "I'll get the rest."

Chris chuckled again, a little more heartfelt and moved up beside David. He reached up and gently tugged the scarf hanging from the older man's neck. "You gonna take off your coat? Stay a while?"

David stilled at the tug and at finding Chris so close. The simple request calmed David's heart, after feeling like he could never touch the man whose song had touched him. He smiled tentatively back and said, "Oh... yeah. I guess... yeah, I should, shouldn't I?"

Chris stepped back and moved to get a pot from the drying rack. He set it under the faucet and watched David hang his coat and scarf on the rack by the door. He fancied for a little bit that David had forgotten to hang his coat up because Chris was distracting him with his good looks and charm, but then he closed the door on those thoughts quickly. No need to assume something so unlikely and then do something really stupid.

David was a little skinnier than Chris had first guessed, but not in a sickly or twelve year old boy kind of way. He was slender and lithe. Not frail by any means, just… long. Chris watched David's ass move underneath the slacks as the older man twisted to hang the coat, but snapped his eyes back to the sink when the other man turned back to face him.

David finished with the coat and couldn't help himself, and just started putting away the PlayStation game cases on their shelf, shoved the weights and therapy bands into their own case and shelf, and sighed at seeing his design notes everywhere. He couldn't deal with those, but he piled most of the books back into at least their correct general area, mysteries with mysteries, science fiction with science fiction, fantasy with fantasy, and the reference books onto their shelves.

It cleared enough space to make easier access to the Vista machine. This way nothing would get stepped on. Not everyone was as used to moving around his clutter the way he was, and David had learned to at least clear paths for others.

He flicked on the power strip and let the machine take care of its own boot cycle as he headed back to the kitchen.

Chris watched David straightening his apartment. He felt bad that he was making the guy so uncomfortable, but he knew that if he said 'don't bother' it wouldn't do any good. Instead, he put the pot on the stove and turned the heat to 'high' before he moved slowly back into the living room, hands settled comfortably in his pockets.

David finally really looked at the man in his apartment and caught his breath. He realized that he'd been deliberately tuning Chris out when he'd come in, as he hadn't wanted to overreact to the actor. But the well-muscled man was now standing before him, relaxed and smiling. Now David saw that Chris was dressed in torn jeans, a black t-shirt, and he had fishnet along solid arms that were... David looked closer, "Those aren't your shirt, are they?"

Chris blinked. Not his... oh! He looked at his arm and shrugged. "Nope, I'm inked from here to the shoulders. Combination of being in the army with nothing to do for six months, and wanting to rebel against my parents."

"Army, hm... may I see?" David stepped in closer and lightly ran his fingertips along the waves at the bottom of Chris' right arm. "The machine should be up soon if you want to get started again... I'll put together... uhm... our midnight snack or whatever... Wow. These are beautiful... and you have characters."

Chris shivered as David's fingers touched his skin through the fishnet. Such a simple touch and he was losing it; this guy was dangerous. Chris needed the upper hand again.

"I'd have to strip to show you. Maybe later you can... inspect?"

David's eyes closed as the sudden wave of lust hit him harder than he'd ever expected. The idea of having Chris putting himself on display for David was both deeply erotic and oddly disturbing. Something nagged at the back of his head. The look in Chris' eyes was familiar and behind his closed eyes, he couldn't find where he'd seen that before.

He opened his eyes and looked into Chris' as he struggled for words, an appropriate response. Finally, he said quietly, "I'd like that, especially if you tell me why you chose some of these."

Chris' smile widened. Oh? He wanted the strip show? Okay, he could do that. Easy price to pay for dinner and help with the homework, especially when the guy was so flipping hot!

Leaning forward, Chris got as close to the older man's face as he dared and breathed in his calming, masculine scent. "Promise."

David's nostrils flared just a bit as Chris moved in so close and he got a whiff of Chris' musk and he could feel the bigger man's warmth, so fucking close. The smile made him feel wary and tight, so he reached up to stroke along Chris' jaw, up to the juncture of his ear. The velvet warmth of that skin, the faintest trace of stubble felt good under his hand.

He leaned in, lips nearly touching those lips that had given him that half mocking promise. "Good. I'll look forward to it. But first... your homework and some blood sugar so I don't faint when you do it."

Chris froze. Not fair! Where did this teasing come from? David was going to get all sexy and then tell him to do his homework?! The fingers against Chris' jaw were warm and sent tingling sensations down his throat and back. It took a lot of effort to take a step back, but for once, it didn't take any effort at all to smile.

"Okay, food first. Wouldn't want you fainting on me just yet."

He swiveled on his heel and turned to sit at the computer.

David grinned quietly back and took a breath as he headed to the kitchen. He got the ramen and char su from the freezer, the other ingredients from the fridge, two hand-painted bowls from the cupboard, and started prepping the meat, pickles, egg, and seaweed for topping the two bowls as the water came to a boil.

Chris pulled the... stick thing... out of his pocket and put it into the slot that looked the same shape in the front of the computer. He opened the program and immediately became frustrated. He hadn't even tried to do anything yet, and already he was pissed off. The mere thought of dealing with this crap...

Chris sighed and ran both his hands through his hair. Bitching in his head wasn't going to get him anywhere. He had to do this.

When the water boiled, David ladled out the water he needed for the soup into each of the bowls. Then he dumped the frozen noodles into the water and stirred, hard with his chopsticks. He set a three minute timer and at the silence from the living room he cocked his head, and then quietly walked out into the living room.

He saw the younger man with his head down in front of the still screen, and he sighed and walked closer and stroked his hand down that black-clad back. "Food's in a few minutes, then I can sit with you if you want."

Chris smiled softly at the tender hand on his back. It was such a familiar touch; intimate, but not intrusive. He sighed and laid his head on the table. "I'd rather you just shoot me now."

David's heart twisted at the words and the motion, and this time his hands did what he'd wanted to do in the cafe. He stroked back up that broad back and then into that deep, black hair, combing through it carefully and then stroking it back down. "Hmm... that'd waste a pretty good bowl of noodles, if I do say so myself..."

Chris' body melted, his arms slid down between his legs, limp and heavy. Nothing relaxed him like fingers in his hair; massages to his scalp. He groaned and closed his eyes, mumbling under his breath. "Yeah... don't wanna waste the noodles. I can do this if I eat something..."

David's breath caught at the groan, but he added, "Yeah... if you haven't eaten since yesterday... I suspect it will help."

Chris turned his head and looked up at David. The older man's eyes were finally calm, and the way he was looking at Chris made the actor's heart speed up.

"Food now, then?" He asked sweetly.

The timer in the kitchen went off and David smiled. "Yeah. Food now."

Chris straightened and turned in the chair. He stood slowly and smiled sleepily as he ran a quick glance over David's hair. He wanted to return the favor and run his hands through all that silky blackness, but he knew it would lead to his hands moving lower, lead to kissing, lead to... lots of other things, and horny as hell or not, Chris was hungry.

David hesitated as Chris' sleepy smile was so damnably alluring; but he turned and headed towards the timer beeping merrily at him.

The Next Scene
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