Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A small Web accident

I just had a small web accident...

I found the Matoska Trading Company with a search on feathers. It turns out that my quills page is one of my most popular pages. On it I mentioned that I'd never stretched out the wing of a large bird to pick my feathers.

I am about to stretch out the wing of a bird and pick my feathers off it. Admittedly, the turkey probably gave its life for someone's dinner, on the most part, maybe a bit of ground turkey or a frozen breast or even a TV dinner of roast turkey. I bought a bronze turkey wing, because I survived yesterday and the last week of getting things ready for the review, and Jet getting up at all odd times of the night. So I'm getting, of all things, the wing from a turkey to see how the feathers are really placed.

Plus a few grey goose quills, a couple of #2, extra large quills with damaged feathers, and a few 14-16 inch quills just to see how they cut and write.

Yeah. The engineering mentality can be a real sucker for variety.

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