Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Ooooold Bleach Anime

I'm trying to wake up my Bleach muses again after a long hiatus... I'm wallowing about feeling useless because I can't seem to like anything I write by myself and I hate that feeling.

I watched a bunch of the filler, with Toshiro and the soccer, Ikkaku and the kendo club, all of which were a lot of fun, reminded me of my bedtime stories in a way. And it was nice to know that Yamamoto wanted to work on a way to more quickly release the reiatsu binders after the Grimmjow invasion. Unluckily, in my rpg, Ukitake has one of the things on him and I don't think Grimmy did his little stunt in that universe, yet, so there isn't a need for a faster procedure. Poor Jyuushiro is so going to get his butt kicked.

But then I got to see Episode 134 about little Hanatarou and the 12th division Rin getting Yumichika to make a cake. *laughs*

It was funny and sweet, and the most adorable thing in it all was that Hanatarou, when his zanpakutou gets completely full, can help disable a Menos Grande Gillian!!!!!

I nearly died.

Little Hanatarou isn't as little as I thought. Hee. This is cool.
Tags: anime, bleach
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