Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

What One Can Find In The Middle of Nowhere

A copper colored moon looking like a broken plate out on the eastern plains, rising through the dust at the edge of the world.

Stars sprinkled through the Milky Way, each brighter than the next. Two planets and an airplane in the darkness of the night.

Oddly enough there were more cars on the sidelines than I thought there might be. There were fewer cars on the road than I thought there would be either. So the traffic wasn't that bad and for all that we went through two cities during rush hour, there was only one accident in Denver that we had to stop and go for.

We're between Colorado and New Mexico and the lack of lights has been beautiful. Four hours down the road, four to go... and a nice little Super 8 with nice high speed Internet in between. It's a nice stop.

There's also $2.79 gas down here, and diesal for less than $4 a gallon, it's pretty astonishing to find.
Tags: travel

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