Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Moving Through

We were up at 7:30 yesterday and out the door of the hotel by 8:30, and on the road quick. Four hours through the sunset painted lands of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, through multiple Loony Toons and a seven-year-old singing all the opening and closing music because he had earphones on, and through a rousing repeat, five times, of "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and we were in Albuquerque.

Past the old Balloon Fiesta grounds, and through a whole bunch of development and we were in Corralas and stomping grounds that we'd last seen when Jet was just 1. John's brother and sister-in-law went to Oregon for a few years and just moved back, miraculously to their old house. It's familiar, comfortable, and with a gorgeous view of Sandia Peak.

We got there at lunch time and they fed us while they prepped for the party. John and I caught up with them as it has been a while.

It was a good party, the brisket was gone in the first hour. The food was fantastic, and the people very interesting, and the hosts very obliging about connecting people up with people they were interested in or shared interests with. Most of them were older than we were, so there were no kids at the party other than the "kids" that were more than twenty years old with full-body tattoos that Jet was fascinated by, but they weren't exactly playmates for Jet.

I did my usual thing and hid a little from the party, and given that there were no other kids, Jet gravitated to me, and curled up in my lap a lot. His cough is worse. And he was pretty tired, but happy enough. He gave me a good excuse to do some video games on on my laptop, and he really felt more comfortable that way.

We saw roadrunners in the backyard, and quail on the wall. It was fun. The neighbors had miniature horses, goats, and a little chihuahua who was rescued from an owner that dug the poor little guy's eyes out. The little dog was gentle and trusting of everyone, eventhough he was blind, and he even went right to Jet for more pets. I was impressed.

Jet got to feed the horses apples, and he enjoyed that, but his cough kept getting worse and worse. He ended up curled up on my lap, under the blanket coat with me, after the sun had gone down, and he was shaking me with his coughs. So John went out and got medicine for the coughs, and I put Jet to bed after he got to say goodnight to everyone. He was so tired, he went down easily, and I nearly fell asleep with him. But I dragged myself up and got to talk with a couple of the engineers, balloon pilots, safety folks, and health care folks that were out there, and it was really good.

Later, the next morning, I was saying, "I miss talking with engineers."

And Jet said, "Well, you talk with us!" Clearly including himself as an engineer, and I thanked him for hi correction as he was entirely correct.

He beamed.

There was a lovely pit fire, hot and bright, as the wood there is as dry as it is here, i.e. when the trees are alive in the high desert, their wood is actually dryer than East Coast or Northwest kiln-dried wood. And we could see the stars spread out above us. That was lovely. I didn't go to sleep until late, and given that the previous night I'd spent tossing and turning uncomfortably on a hotel room bed, I did really well on the guest bed there.

So it turned out to be a very nice party indeed.
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