Very cool! I seriously doubt though my husband would even beable to sit up straight in it. *laughs*
Heh. Yeah... admittedly the BMW Mini Coopers are nothing like the really old Minis... but still, it's nice to think of them as being Way Too Small.

What's interesting is that the space that it used to have for the backseat passengers is now taken by the batteries. *laughs* So even *less* space, but I still want one. Hee.
I have a friend with a Mini (a non-electric one, unfortunately). He's not small and fits just fine. It looks, from the manufacturer's dimension information, like they steal space from the back seat to make the front seats livable. Losing the back seats may not have any practical impact. My car (an Audi TT) uses the same trick. The back seats are really just a fancy parcel shelf. I'd happily trade them for batteries.

Moving to LA or NYC, though...

Yeah, my sister has a Mini, non-electric as well, but John fit just fine in it.

Yeah... I don't think moving to LA or NYC is plausible. *laughs* Not for either or us.