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Getting Up

For the last three days, I've tried to not just "sit at the computer".

I've gotten back into bad work habits for the last month or so, and just sat at the computer even when I was too tired to really write, or didn't have enough brain to do so. I would mostly sit and surf and get frustrated with myself as my upper body's doing the whole overuse thing again. Tendon's swelling, muscles aching, and the nerves were starting to buzz again at the end of the last huge haul of getting the last installment of "Silver and Black" out.

Well, not really. Instead I've just started doing more of the things I like doing. Like only being connected for 30 minutes in the morning while I'm eating my breakfast and then either closing down or just minimizing the browser and any IM stuff, and just writing, either journal or fiction for another hour or two. Then painting and watching Escaflowne or Bleach or reading Naruto or Fullmetal Alchemist while either riding the exercise bike or knitting a bit. I've been trying to do less knitting to help my hands, too.

Yesterday we had a visitor from our Northwet (sic.) days, and so I went to the grocery store to shop. I roasted a chicken and some butternut squash, made a pumpkin pie, and baked biscuits at the last minute and we had him over for dinner. It was really good, and, best of all, I got my first 10,000 step day in months. It's good to be up and about. And I just realized that for the days I was trying to stay away, I've been up in the 7 or 8 thousand step range, and on the days I only sat at the computer it's been in the 3000 step range. Interesting to note.

Autumn here brings a flood of butternut squash, pumpkins, and onions from the local farmers. There are fields here, after the first hard frost (it was 18° F -8° C here this morning), that are nothing but bulbous, big orange pumpkins everywhere. Now I know what a pumpkin patch really looks like. But when they're fresh they're really good, and the butternut squash was so fresh it wept when I skinned it. Wow.

Onions were only a dollar for a three pound bag, so I'll have to make onion soup... *laughs* I love French onion soup where the onions have been reduced to a dark red-brown mass... *happy sigh*. And there are now plenty of onions to do that with. The garden hadn't made that many onions, so I bought two bags' worth.

While cooking, or making other things, it's been good to realize that a little of my story sense is gradually coming back. While riding home in the car from Albuquerque, I pretty much just had to do nothing but be, exist. Driving leaves the mind free for a lot of things, and I had the most fun turning the landscape slipping by me into paintings in my head. So a lot of those are gradually coming out, now. Though far more autumny than my usual stuff. *grins* But then Shunsui gently nudged me, and got that fic out of me earlier this week. It's interesting to see it getting more comments than anything else I've written, and from a whole new crew of readers.

So, anyway, I should go take pictures of paintings and kimono, too. Heh.
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