More Dabbling...

incandescens was kind enough to give me a few prompts for her birthday painting, so I tried. *laughs* This should give her a chance to lay claim on which ones she wants. And gogoangelgunboy should take a peek at the last one, in case he wants to lay claim to it.

I found a roll of classical Double Shuen and the texture and paint and water take up of it is very, very much more absorbent than the practice paper or the roll of straight rice paper I had. I also found a roll from China that I think my mother gave me that scares me a little, as the texture is beautifully rough. This, I think, gave me a good feel for what that might be the next step towards.

So first, the warm up, because after the drive I just had to try these... this was done on my practice paper, so it spread differently... and the trees seem way too smooth after using the other paper.
Attempt at Autumn trees

Then the first attempt to fulfil the prompt of "butterflies and bamboo":
First Attempt at Bamboo and Butterfly

But I think it was a little too crowded so I tried again.
Genevieve's Birthday Present

I rather like that one better.

And then I mixed up a mad batch of purple and tried irises for the first time because gogoangelgunboy wrote a fic called "Shinigami Sunset" and I haven't been able to get irises out of my head since. There are more irises in my future, I think...
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Very Pretty!!! <3<3

Just got a call and I have my niece tomorrow I don't know if I will be online or sorry...
*hugs* I'll miss you. Thank you, though, for telling me! I appreciate that very, very much.
The butterflies are gorgeous... So very pretty! (Than again, I love butterflies! ^_^)
They're beautiful! All hubby could say when I pointed the screen at him was, "Oh wow!".

I can see why irises could become addictive, they're lovely.

Honestly, I think you're going to have to pick for me. I love bamboo in b&w and in colour, and cherry blossoms, and leggy butterflies, and chubby little birds, and purple irises, and...
Yay! I'm glad you like these.

Okay. I'll paint some more and send you two. *grins* Gotta go get more indigo paint today, as I finally ran out of something! Woo! *dances about*
*happy dance*!!

I left you a reply on dA with some ideas. ^_^ I really ought to stop muddying the waters by talking to you in four different places. :P
Heh. Yeah... it can get kinda confusing, but your ideas are perfect. I can do what you have there! Hee. And a hummingbird amid the blossoms sounds perfect. It'll fit better as it would have a reason to be there.
These are lovely! I really like the second bamboo and butterfly, and the irises are gorgeous.
Thank you!! I'm so glad you like them. I really am happy with those... :-) I'm getting better! *dances about*
These are amazing!! You get better with every piece too, which is so interesting to watch. :D