Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Beautiful Fall Day

It's been one of those clear, bright, windy warm fall days here. The browned, crisped leaves have been flying in all directions. Jet had a birthday party at 1 so John and I wandered about doing small errands together and just talking about things.

I made beignet for Jet this morning, as he was sick and feeling sad, and we had a lump of dough from months ago in the freezer. The lovely thing about yeast doughs, they freeze really well, and I got it out last night and stuffed it into the fridge. None of us were up before 8:30. Usually the boys are up at the dawn and getting ready for school, but we all slept in today.

Jet wanted to help make them, and kept getting far too close to the hot fat; but finally, we put up his ladder and that helped him stay as far as he was supposed to.

They smelled wonderful going into the hot oil. That sweet yeasty smell of raised donuts of all kinds. John and Jet piled the powdered sugar on top, and we all ate them happily. Crisp pillows of tender bread. Fried bread is always a comfort food.

I'd found a one pound brick of the Cuban espresso at Target for less than a tall latte at Starbucks. So I'm making as many homemade lattes as I can from it until it gets stale, and I'll still be ahead, especially on my $80 Mr. Coffee 8 bar espresso machine that the switch broke off of, and John hot glued back together after only a few hundred drinks. So I get my buzzes cheap.

Painted yesterday. I hate the bamboo that resulted. I'll have to do more. *laughs* I also did mountains and gold-brown plains and a black horse, but I hate them all too. And I did a hummingbird that... I keep looking at it, bemused that I might have painted that. I want to do that again, just so I know it wasn't just a one-shot deal, magic in the night, a breath of chance rather than skill.

On our meanderings I bought an amaryllis bulb and some paperwhites, and planted them immediately. The last time I bought bulbs I forgot about them, so this time... in the pots they go, to be forced in time for Christmas.

John made BLTs from the last of the tomatoes of the season. It was good, but they're starting to go mushy, so not quite like the height of the summer fruit, but still better than the grocery store ones.

The characters are finally starting to wake up again in the back of my head. I don't know, I think I burned out and crashed for a bit. It's good to have them back. marourin and iannbe on Y!Gallery have helped with that, as they're both working commissions for me for Stark and I to have art for David and Chris for "Silver and Black". Working with them and Stark to get them "right" has been kind of inspiring. I'll post pointers to those in separate posts. Iannbe's isn't quite done yet, but Marourin's is up.

As per my usual habit, to try and post about good stuff while other things occupy my mind and heart.

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