Silver and Black Art

For those that have been following the original Yaoi romance that stark_black and I have been writing together, there's now some pretty fun art.

These links will probably work best in Mozilla or Chrome (which is mostly Mozilla under the hood). They're work safe. Entirely.

A picture of David. I love his clothing and his look. I really love that he now looks Chinese rather than "anime white". I especially love that waistcoat, and now have odd plans in the back of my head on making something like that for myself. *laughter*

A picture of Chris. With every inch of the attitude I associate with his public persona when he's trying to get out of being stopped for the post-play party. *laughs* I love the hands on this one, too. Just... kinda wow.

It's always interesting to see a visualization of someone that was only in my head...

I guess I should make a central page for all this stuff, now.
Those are awesome! You know, that's just the way I picture them.

I'm sorry I've been too busy to read the latest chapters yet. It's like I was telling Gunsn'pocky, I have some reading to look forward to when I have a break, which I hope might be sometime tomorrow. :)
Thank you!! It's good to have our own art, finally, rather than something filched from BitBucket. *laughs*

No reason to be sorry!! Life is life, and I always appreciate it when you can take the time to read and say stuff, it always makes my day. *grins*

Sounds like you will have some fun reading to catch up on when you get the chance!! *dances about*
Wow they turned out really good. David has a geeky look about him that seems to have translated well from the story. Chris looks like a bad boy but a loveable one at that.

Very cool when you get to see pics of your characters, isn't it? I'm in love with the work Shelagh did of Quin and Ryzel *hugs art*.
Mmm... it's so cool that Chris' loveability comes through, still. I love the jacket on him. *grins*

And David's way too well-dressed to exude geek, but I LOVE what she dressed him in. Especially that waistcoat. I now covet that waistcoat. *laughs*

But yeah, the glasses and the look is very nice...
Yeah, I'm coveting David's clothing. *laughs*

It's amazing to see them.

Glad you like 'em!