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More Dabblings

akuni requested black and white bamboo and a hummingbird with cherry blossoms and was willing to pay for postage, so I tried.

First just a warmup of something that didn't come out anything like I wanted it to, but it's nicely symbolic or something....
Not exactly what's in my head.

Then the bamboo:
more bamboo

It that one okay, Akuni?

Then a first attempt at the hummingbird and cherry blossoms. I'm keeping this one for myself, the bird came out drabber than I liked, and the branch faded, but I like the placements a lot.
Drabber hummingbird

Learning from the first, I brightened up the colors and tried to flip the bird from my reference (Walter Foster's Chinese Brush Painting) and made one wing inside out, so I threw that one away. Then I finally got this:
Bright Hummer

Hope you like it, akuni.
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