John and I sat at the dining room table for an hour, while Jet did his homework.

"Are you doing homework?"

"Yeah, kinda. It's work we have to do at home."

John and I used the Internet to do what research we could on the local political folks, it was nice to see voting records and basic biographies and statements of where folks stood. Plus being able to cross-reference local newspaper articles. Then John and I read through every issue, used the League of Woman Voter's pamphlets when our English skills were Too Weak... and Jet wrinkled his nose.

"Is that English?"

"Uhm... Kinda. It's legal language, really."

"I don't understand half the words you're saying."

So we both spend a little more time explaining to him. And he goes, "Ohhh..."

Colorado has a lot of mail-in ballot abilities, so anyone can vote early by mail-in, or at various voting places, now. No excuses here, really. John'll take our ballots by in the morning.

GO VOTE. Make the Democracy work. Do your research. Make your decisions on what YOU believe.
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Looks like I'll be voting in person again this year. I used to positively enjoy that, but they've been making it steadily more annoying in an effort to get people to switch to mail-in ballots. I plan to succumb, but I didn't get around to signing up in time.

*nods* Yeah... we also have "early polls" where people can go and vote now or even a week ago. *grins* They really are just trying to make it easy on anyone and everyone to just send their stuff in. I love that.

I'm hoping the US election will go better than the Canadian one did (it blew).

Good luck! *thumbs up*

I read an interesting article today in the Toronto newspaper. It seems that, if Canadians could vote for the US president, Obama would win by a landslide. It's so strange, there are people planning election parties up here and getting all excited about who will win. I mean, I'm interested to see how it turns out, but there are people planning on driving down to the election camps to party with the winners.

I guess this is an election the whole world is watching.
I hope, so, too!! Yeesh.

Thank you!! I am hoping, too.

It is interesting that so many people are watching... I'm hoping, too, that we can finally get this stupid Bush monkey off our backs.
On the other hand, however much the results of the Canadian election may have blown, you cannot believe how much we envy the fact that you had an entire election in, like, a month. This particular election we're plodding through here has been going on for years.
Mine's in the post! Well, in honesty, by now it should have made the transatlantic journey and be at destination.
I agree! Absolutely, go vote for the candidate of your choice!
Hmmm here, your elections are being watched with interest. Only I don't think I've actually found *anyone* yet who wants McCain to win. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that your democrats, so basically the left side of the political spectrum, is our middle to right side. Republicans are so far to the right that they don't even show up at all, and than we have this whole left wing that just doesn't exist in the US.
Obama. A socialist. Right. Not true. Whoever says that should come and analyse the Dutch political system. Besides, as long as it doesn't evolve into communism, there's nothing wrong with socialism. *votes for the socialistic party*