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John and I sat at the dining room table for an hour, while Jet did his homework.

"Are you doing homework?"

"Yeah, kinda. It's work we have to do at home."

John and I used the Internet to do what research we could on the local political folks, it was nice to see voting records and basic biographies and statements of where folks stood. Plus being able to cross-reference local newspaper articles. Then John and I read through every issue, used the League of Woman Voter's pamphlets when our English skills were Too Weak... and Jet wrinkled his nose.

"Is that English?"

"Uhm... Kinda. It's legal language, really."

"I don't understand half the words you're saying."

So we both spend a little more time explaining to him. And he goes, "Ohhh..."

Colorado has a lot of mail-in ballot abilities, so anyone can vote early by mail-in, or at various voting places, now. No excuses here, really. John'll take our ballots by in the morning.

GO VOTE. Make the Democracy work. Do your research. Make your decisions on what YOU believe.
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