Foot-long Haircut

Trade Joe's Sipping Chocolate is a HUGE WIN. I may have to pick up dozens of tins of it when I'm in Oakland. Good thing Southwest lets people take two suitcases for no extra charge at all. Uhm... do I qualify for geekhood if there's a Wiki just for all the details of my visit? Hee.

I cut a foot of hair off today. I last had a foot of it off just eighteen months ago, so... yeah, it grows fast. The local Silly Scissors does a Locks of Love cut for $7. And I went in and asked for a little boy's cut because I have the fashion sense of a geek boy (heck, most geek girls have more fashion sense than I do) and I like how Jet's hair looks on *him*. Ahem.

Anyway, the stylist just shook her head at me and asked me how I intended to style or take care of my hair. "Uhm... wash it and let it drip dry every other day?" being my answer, she shook her head again...

And gave me an anime-style A-cut with it long enough to touch the bottom of my chin in front and it's shaped to nearly the curve of my skull in the back. So short in the back, long in the front, and if I tuck it behind my ears, it kinda looks all of a length from the front, and I get that Really Long Bangs Look if I want it. Yeesh... and I just wash and wear.

Ha. Style.

stark_black has now made me promise to have pictures taken. So uhm... maybe Jet will do that for me. *hee*
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That sounds really cute! Andno-prep style is always a win.
Yay for no styling.
I need to get my hair cut...have no idea how though. I wish I could grow my hair out for the locks of love, but I always cut it before it gets long enough.
My hair's like chin length and it's driving me crazy.

Yay for having fun being geeky and hot chocolate!
Yeah. I had no clue, but it's amazing what a stylist can do for you if you go in and say, "I have no clue." *laughs*

Especially one with multiple piercings and a nice style herself. Hee.

It worked out well.

Yay! Geeky AND yummy chocolate! *happies*
It is! It certainly feels different as my hair keeps tickling my nose now. *laughs* And now that it's short, it's curling at the bottom in all kinds of odd ways. *eyes it* *laughs*
My photographer has gone to bed, we had too much fun playing Crash. Hm.... tomorrow, probably.
Re: A-hair
Red hair is awesome! XD Than you'd have Aya-hair! (Aya being a Weiss Kreuz character)
You see, that's why I wear my hair long (well that and I just love my hair long). You wash it, you use creme spooling, you dry it, you let it dry without any fancy stuff the rest of the way, you brush it et voila.
No gel, hairspray, mouse or whatever other stuff for me. Just hair that I can pull back when it's annoying or let hang loose when I feel like it.
I don't have particularly knotty hair so I spend two minutes a day at it, at most.

So... Pictures! :D :D :D
Yeah. That's why mine's long, too, usually. It's just too much of a bother to get it cut.

But... cancer kids can't grow hair and theirs falls out, so... I thought mine grows a foot in a year and a half, so I might as well give it to someone that can't.
As a matter of principle, I have to feel sad whenever anyone gets their hair cut.

That being said, it sounds stylin' :)
Well, YOU should. *laughs*!!

Mine grows so fast, though, it'll be back before I know it.

Thanks!! It's just... short. *laughs* I don't think it's as styling as the stylist wanted it to be... now that I actually see it from the side, but it's functional. Heh.
Locks of Love is such a wonderful thing to do!! Mine grows so slow though! *boo*

Mine is very short as well and wash is pretty much all I manage. Although, I am trying to grow it out somewhat so i can dress as Nanao next May. Roarke is taking me to AnimeCentral for mother's day. If we can scrap up enough dough for a costume, he's already said he'd go as Shunsui.

So hopefully my hair will grow fast enough. I don't know id I have the guts to dye it black though. :D
Yeah, mine grows like mad. Yeah... a foot in eighteen months is pretty good, all in all

Woo! Neat plans for Mother's day!! Hee.

Yeah, I hope it does grow fast enough. Hee about dyeing it black. I hope you do what you want to with that!

I've dyed mine turquoise, sapphire blue, and purple... so... uhm... black's easy. But to each their own level of comforts.