Actually taken by the bigger boy instead of the littler one, and it's like morning hair. I guess I have to remember to... uhm... comb it or something. *laughs*

New Haircut
brushing's good - but it's a good shape for your head. does it feel weird not having all that hair?
Yeah, it does. My neck and shoulders are all sore and my neck's cold. *laughs* And showers are just... weird, nothing to do anymore, really, compared to a foot more hair.
I knew when you described it that this would look good on you!
I know everyone's using the word cute . . .

. . . but it is definitely a cute cut. :)
You.... You... OMG you're adorable *glomps you* You look so cute! ¤_¤ *loves*
You look lovely! Brushings overrated. *giggles* Hopefully I'll get my hair cut soon and then I am going to dye it a lovely Schuldigish orange.