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Jet's in his pumpkin head and cardboard jet again. Jack delivering candy the fast way. He said he was too embarrassed to wear the kimono. He may well be my son. I'm not sure he's John's, now.

John... *headdesks*

He's in a black and pink satin saloon girl outfit with glittery pink lashes and fishnet stockings. It does not look nearly as good as that might sound. Uhm... I'm half afraid to put pictures up.

I really think it's the mustache that makes it work.

Spent the day picking up everything in the house, getting laundry done, hung, dried, and put away. Also rearranged my painting area so that I'd have room for the larger full sheets of paper.

We should have a good two dozen sugared up kids all ready for some hot chocolate at 7, and the sun is going down now. Dinner is at a different neighbor's house, and John took a stack of Domino's pizzas over just now.

I am electing to stay home and have some quiet time with some stories, if I can. I don't know how well I'll do popping up and down to give away candy, but I haven't written anything for quite sometime. Stark's been luring me back into it by getting me to play Ukitake again, and... that's been sweet.

We'll see... I'm pretty sugared up, too. *laughs*
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