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So this is the collection of all the links and art for the Silver and Black original fic that stark_black and I are writing.

If you're looking for my fiction page, go through this link.
If you're looking for stark_black's fiction, it's all at this link.

This is going to be a multi-chapter hardcore yaoi romance by stark_black and I.

We're did this as a role play through Act 3: Scn3, with stark_black playing and writing Chris. I play and write David, some of this will be in RP format, but we start with our strengths, writing.

PG-13 Act 1 -- "The Play"
PG-13 Act 2 -- "The Café"
NC-17 Act 3 -- The Condo
Other Stories:
Hold Me Down -- NC-17, hardcore bondage and anal -- David tops Chris and does as he likes with him.
Sauron's Dungeon -- NC-17, hardcore bdsm and sex. -- The boys go to help David gain some stress relief after they've been together for about half a year.
An Interlude: Don't Tell Me -- Rated-PG -- mild angst warning. Maybe have tissues on hand... -- David talks about his favorite song and why it's one of his favorites.

Drabbles in Chronological order:
li's "Go To Sleep" -- PG
li's "Release" -- NC-17
stark's "Slow Torture" -- NC-17
stark's "Morning Coffee" -- PG-13
stark's "Homecoming" -- M
li's "Hands" -- PG

Art for this series may be found on Y!Gallery, either Chrome or Firefox should be able to render the artwork.

Chibi's of David with his noodles and of David and Chris... awww... *grins* They were commissioned from morgainelefae. She allowed me to color the second picture, which you can find here

Commission of the two boys in the rain in a street light by gallo_de_pelea.

Individual portaits by Marourin:
Portrait of Chris in his leather jacket and attitude.
Portrait of David being a bit more... fashionable than usual, though they might be his going to a play duds, easily.
Yay! stuff is all organized. Good luck with continuing, you have yourselves a wonderful story. As I go back and reread it.
Hi there. I've been reading Darkprism's evantide series and she said it link very closely to your david's story. So, i search around your site and I've been reading that and found it really really good! As the last update on that fic was on 2009 (at least that's what appeared in my page) and wondering if you will be updating the story or there are any further chapters that i'm not aware of somewhere in the net :). the latest chapter i can read is chapter 3 act 4. Many thanks in advance!!

Love, K
Certainly... Newer things can be found by using the East_and_West tag... which you can get to through this link as well.

The pieces that coincide with the Evantide pieces start from "Walking Away" and go on from there. I'm thinking of starting a community for the Evantide and David pieces that go together.

Since the pieces are friends-locked, I've added you to my friends. I hope that you enjoy them!

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