Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

'Tis The Season

As I watch all the word counts on all my friends lists, from NaNoWriMo, the Mini Na No Wri Mo, and everything else, I'm finding motivation to get moving again on my own writing projects again, though it's going to be in bursts and bubbles. So I might just keep a word count for the month and see how it goes. So since the beginning of the month, and I'll see if I can get motivated to keep going with things.

(yeah, I know, I know... it looks like 2000 raw words a day is during my slow writing times, don't throw things at me...)

RP Word with Stark (I'll count roughly half of these as mine): 5505
TS: 987
Tenpou's Tea: 412

Total: 4151

Edited as I go... Today's words, so far:
rewrite of old KH2 fic as someone's doing a comicbook page of it and it's... OLD!!! and badly written: 482
TS: 1613
stark-rp: 994
Today's total: 2592
Running total: 6743
Tags: writing

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