The other day, Jet asked why we turn our clocks back.

"It's because we're going off Daylight Savings time and back onto regular time," John said, patiently.

"Oh..." Jet thought a bit. "You mean we're going onto Daylight Wasting time?"

"Uhm... not really, it's just Standard time, now."

"No. It's Daylight Wasting time, because we used to be Saving."

okay. *grins*
My other half has suggested that it should be "Daylight Spending Time" - we saved it for half a year, now we spend it. :)
I think he's got it right: Daylight Wasting Time is a good term for it.
Heh. He's... really great at thinking up stuff from stuff he knows. It's really fun to watch and record that.
Isn't it, though?

He's doing that a lot more, lately... and the teacher has noted that his spoken vocabulary is so good he'd able to convey some amazing ideas that he can't write down yet, but she can tell the gears are working. *laughs*