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Word Counts

TS: 1019 + a ton of edits
RP with Stark: 226 of my words + random editing

total for the day: 1245
November running total: 10027

Uhm... my actual, mini-goal is 100 words a day. I'll try to get that 100 every day, but not be down on myself if I don't, as I'm traveling and there is going to be family visiting. So my total goal was just 3000 words for the month, which, I guess I've hit already. Secondary goal wish-like goal was the 50,000 for the month. We'll see if I get even close to that, as I've done some good to start. It's the 6th and I'm one fifth of the way there. I'd *like* to finish Twin Souls this month, if I can, even if it's just first drafts... but we'll see...
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