Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Safe in Oakland

I'm here and safe.

Packed for most of the morning after getting Jet to school. Got up early to have cinnamon rolls and Mille Bournes with the boys. It was fun. John got me off to the airport in plenty of time and we even had the time to stop at a Popeye's on the way. The chicken was very, very good. The wait in the airport allowed me to write some, so there's a word count or two for the day. The flight was 20 minutes fast, but the baggage more than made up for it. Carl appeared as soon as I called him, and we went to Endgame in Oakland to just wait out the traffic.

We had dinner at Breads of India and I had a tomato that was stuffed with a vegetable and chickpea mash and covered in a spicy gravy/curry that was really good, and we had a grated diakon radish bread with our meal. It was really good.

Stopped by Trader Joe's and on the way, when I said I wanted drinking chocolate, Carl asked if there were overtones of buying everything on the shelves and then coming back the next morning to clear way all the restocks and I said, Yes, there are. *laughs and laughs*

A good evening at his place with a pile of manga (and the Art of Bleach book which is just gorgeous, good to see the Shonen Jump spreads in full color!!) and the latest chapter of Bleach to read. I love Soi Fong... *laughs*

Kurogane/Fai "Cold" = 1339 words
personal story gift = 579
Urahara/Grimmjow = 413 1st draft words
Total for November = 12358
Tags: travel
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