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And Gaming Was Had!!

And it was very, very good.

We got up earlier than before, I got a bit of breakfast, and we got to Mountain View and had In and Out Burgers and Fries and then ordered burgers for Cera and Trip. We got to the apartment we were going to be gaming in before noon and were setup to create characters pretty quickly.

So In and Out Burgers are only in California, as their vegetables and buns are all from in-state and they buy local and fresh fresh fresh. My tomato slab was sweet and ripe and my lettuce on my burger crunched with sweetness, and the caramelized onions were deep and rich and nutty with flavor. The fries were extraordinary, crisp and hot and perfect, and I could watch the guy cut a potato into the fryer right in front of me after I'd ordered. All burgers are made when ordered. The fries are fried to order, so it takes a little while longer, but wow it was worth it.

In and Out is one of my little meccas whenever I visit California and it's always worth it.

Carl adapted "Don't Rest Your Head" to do Shadowrun-like gaming with the far easier mechanics. And the way one generates characters is by answering five rather interesting questions, and I'm going to have to think about those questions for purposes of writing, too, now. They're really interesting and really drive the fact that the story is going to happen as soon as it's all defined.

Why are you living on the Edge?
What has just happened to you?
What is on the outside? (appearances)
What is on the inside? (things the character wishes to hide or is not evident)
What is your path? (where do you want to get to?)

Trip played Rei, a rich boy slumming as a Runner, who appeared one morning after Apricot dreamed of him. He's never said where he's from so Apricot assumes she dreamed him from nothing. He's on the Edge in order to mete out Justice in his own way. He's dressed in black and always appears when he's needed.

Cera played Apricot, a Renraku (Japanese) runaway, who is a street shamen (willing to talk to anything and learn their secrets). She's dressed as a deco girl, and she's on the Edge to keep the things she's talked to from killing her family, who is less able to deal with what comes out of her dreams.

I played Le Merle Blanc, the razorgirl that looks like an elf poser. She's an elven princess that bobbed her own ears, and ran off to be part of a gang of ten kids that went up against another gang after they'd made a blood pact to stay together forever. She was the last one standing, and the pact held so their ten ghosts give her their speed and strength, so she acts like she's wired, but it's all magic. Her only desire is to fight the next fight with everything she has.

So Apricot has her blackbird and her impossible white blackbird, who follow her and are strong enough to never be killed by what she Awakens.

And we had adventures. I'll write them up as a story as I like writing things up as a story now. *grins* Marith wrote up some of the quotes from the game, so I should have plenty of conversational ammunition for the writeup.

From there we went to Butter Flour Sugar, and I found a lovely little Hazelnut, chocolate Napoleon that had two kinds of cake layered with toasted hazelnuts and bittersweet chocolate. There was also a hazelnut mousse, and the little tiny square was perfectly sized. I ate it with a decaf, dry cappuccino. It was great.

We hit Daiso after that, and I wandered about and bought a few too many things, including beautiful little bento lunch boxes for just a couple dollars each for Jet. He's the only one that takes lunch anywhere anymore, but it was so cute I just had to! He'll have layers for his goldfish crackers, apple, and sandwich or even rice balls, now.

I also got some origami paper, Sailor pencils and some really cute holders of pencil leads! *giggles* And aelfsciene showed up and was able to go with us to Chef Chu's for dinner! Cera's husband, Ken, showed up at dinner as well, and we had something of a feast with sizzling rice soup, a pressed tofu dish, pea shoots, kung-pow tofu, crab and cream cheese won tons, cashew chicken, and a beautifully huge whole fried fish in a sweet and very spicy sauce. It was really gorgeous and delicious, even as the head looked at everyone. *laughs*

Everything was beautifully made, and I so rarely get good Chinese food in Colorado, it was well worth the doing.

We headed home after that, and I got to talk with Carl a lot about how fun the game was. I called Stark in the midst of things and found that I had, indeed, written Chris doing something he wouldn't, so I've changed that part of the story, but she offered to supply the part that I had to cut out. So it's going to be a little while before I'll be able to post that, sadly. I'll see how it goes.

I managed to get the shuu/kira fic unlocked and up. I got to talk with John and Jet a bit. I got my boarding pass. I have yet to pack and I have to be up at 7 to be ready in time for the plane. I guess I can fall over when I'm on the plane. *laughs* Or write the story while I'm waiting so that I'll stay awake... or something.
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