Made It Home

Sore and exhausted and kind of drained.

Got up at 7, got to the airport in plenty of time, so much time I got to use the free Oakland airport WIFI to good effect, including getting David's story up. It's marked adult concepts as it's not stuff I'd really need for a kid to know, that's all. The flight was bumpy but fine. The bus ride to Boulder was marred by a lady who lost her bus fare on the way to the bus, and I gave her money for her fare... but... it went all weird.

One great thing was, literally, grabbing books 1-3 of CLAMP's Legal Drug while going out of Carl's door. It's like Watanuke and Domeki with obvious yaoi implications all over 'em and they're so cute and roommates even. Whew.

My boys met me at the Table Mesa station to greet me and get me home to a spaghetti dinner, and that was very good indeed. We had a great evening, but I had to do a church meeting, but I cut out of that so I could put Jet to bed. He *loved* everything I got him from Daiso, especially the two dollar bento boxes. I'll write up the game tomorrow, that should feed my word counts just fine.

Yay! Being able to sleep in my own bed!!! *dances about*
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I am glad your trip went so well. I love Legal Drug so much, but I seriously doubt that they will get the last one ever. Been waiting for it for years now. *laughs*
Yeah, it's kind of obvious that they took a lot of what's in there for xxxHolic, but without all the yaoi bits. *grins*

Lovely, though, the parts I did get to see.
Yay home safe! It was delightful having you as a guest, and all the talking and gaming and all.

And yay for decisive grabbing of manga being rewarded!
And it was delightful to visit.

And, yes!! I was very happily rewarded! *grins* Already through two of the three you had. Yum.
Okay, with that view of Legal Drug I'll have to go back & try it again!

Seeing you was fantastic, as always but more so every time.
*laughs* I don't know if you'd have to do that!

Legal Drug like a sketchier, really early version of xxxHolic, without all the lovely complex layering of backstory. The conversational dynamic between the wind boy and the shadowboy is almost exactly like Watanuke and Domeki but without the girl-interest between them. Plus really obvious sexual overlays that actually remind me, all to heck, of how someone who does a lot of yaoi fanfic would approach their first actual publication, with boy-romance as their fallback. *laughs*

The relationship looks almost like a cliche yaoi romance with the uke going no no no!! and the seme teasing the heck out of him, and then the uke melting at all the wrong moments. *laughs* So there isn't... depth per se, but it's enjoyable for me for all that.

And, yes. Seeing you was absolutely wonderful. *happy sigh*