Turkey and Rice Balls

Bought Jet a small blue lunch box with three tiers at Daiso. Also one of the itty-bitty diamond rice ball makers. And this morning, we packed him a tiny lunch, with half a dozen of the rice balls stacked on top of a dozen goldfish and a little container of mandarin oranges. He had a tiny fork in its own case that he slipped in under the band holding all the boxes together. And we put the whole thing in an insulated lunch bag so nothing would be lost in the helter-skelter of all his class' lunch boxes in the big lunch hamper.

He went to school.

And we followed him to do the Parent Thanksgiving Lunch. Heh.

So every year, around here, they have a lunch where the parents can buy a ticket and eat a hot turkey lunch with their children. It's just turkey in gravy on mashed potatoes with some beans, cranberry sauce, and gingerbread, a chocolate milk and some time with our kid.

At Eaglecrest, last year, the school was so crowded that the lunch room was packed wall to wall with kids and parents and we had ten minutes to eat. I wasn't actually able to finish my lunch before we were all told to dump what was left and were shoo'ed out onto the playground.

This year, there was plenty of room for everyone, and we were all able to finish our meals, including Jet finishing off all three tiers of his lunch. He really, really loved the little box and the silverware he didn't have to throw away. The school's pushing for more reusable containers and lunches... and one of the teachers was very impressed to see his setup. Jet was amazingly proud of it, and after seeing some of sarakate's lunches, I'm kinda of inspired, but he would never eat the fancier things. Still... it's fun to see him gobble down his lunch when he usually leaves half of it in his tin lunch box.

So it was a good lunch.

And John and I rode the two miles there and back on our bikes. It was a good ride, as my body's so sore at the moment that I'm just aching all over. The motion was good for me and I really needed it pretty badly.

I spent most of the day writing. Either following up on comments and things or writing about action sequences with the writers' group. My Kenpachi fic came from just futzing with an idea that started with how much I hate "practicing" with bare blades and 2metaldog led me down the primrose path of what would Kenpachi do with a practice sword? *laughs*

That was fun.

I played with Jet when I could, and John made potstickers for dinner, and the two boys went to the Scouts meeting to look at the stars through their various telescopes, and it was fun. They did s'mores and star gazing, and then came home and Jet and I played for a while and I put him to bed and got to write some more. I need to sleep too, sometime. *laughs* Given that I had two days "off" from writing, I need to do a little catching up. Luckily the next two days should be very good for that...

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Rice balls! I haven't made these in a really long time. That sounds so good. I should prep some rice so I can have some for lunch! :D
You should!! It's yummy and low-fat! *laughs and laughs*

He likes his with a bit of Katsu Furikake in 'em.
Use short-grained rice. Cook it. Add hot, seasoned rice vinegar to it (It actually comes in a bottle with the sugar and salt already added), mix and cool.

Alternatively, just warm some leftover short-grained rice and add the vinegar to that, and let it cool a little until you can handle it with your hands.

It should still be warm to the touch, in either case, as the rice will get dry and won't stick together if it's too cold.

You can mix some furikake into the rice and/or you can cook some fillings for the balls (Fruits Basket has some really amusing fillings). I like salting some salmon deeply, rinsing it a bit, and then cooking it for the inside, you only need a small scrap piece.

Then if you have a press, half fill it with the warm, seasoned rice, add some filling, put the other half on and then press it and pull out the rice block and wrap a sheet of seaweed around it and eat.

If you don't have a press, watch Kyo in the fruits basket anime. *laughs and laughs* No no. uhm... let's see if I can find something... ah...

Take a piece if cling film. Lay it flat. Put a small portion of rice on top of the film. In the center of the rice put a big coin sized piece of filling the mixture. Cover with a little more rice and wrap around the cling film into a ball shape.

With cupped hands mold the rice ball into a triangular shape. (Put the rice ball on the palm of your cupped hand. Put your other hand on top so the ball is in between your two hands, as you are molding move the rice around so you get a triangular shape).

It's traditional to just wet ones hands and grab the rice, a dab of filling, more rice, and then shape it into the triangle, but it's hard to *describe* how the palm and other hand fit together to make the triangles. I can *do* it without thinking, now, but the cling wrap idea is a good one to start with, as you can figure out how to shape them without getting ALL sticky.

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*giggles* Check out sarakate's comment after mine!! It's got a great link for how to make the things with PICTURES!

Speaking of which, I guess I should cook more rice for Jet's lunch tomorrow...
Here's a nifty FAQ, with lots of methods for molding into various shapes. This is, by the way, one (but not the sole) source of my impression that the vinegar is a definitely optional ingredient, and the thing that makes sushi *be* sushi (and not some-other-thing-with-rice). In any case, I don't include vinegar in the rice balls I make for my kids, generally. I'm sure liralen will have something to say about this. :)

My kids are not thrilled by most flavors of furikake, but they are tickled by sprinkling cinnamon sugar on them, which is an idea I snitched from greenlion, or they like them rolled in sesame seeds (which has the advantage of making them less sticky to pick up). And they frequently just eat them lightly salted but otherwise plain.
Ooooo... *neat* FAQ!! Thank you for the link, very much!

Jet likes vinegar, he's really unusual for a kid. *laughs* He used to eat tablespoons of balsamic vinegar on everything... so he likes the vinegar on his rice.

I'll have to try the cinnamon sugar on Jet, too, though he may ask for vanilla sugar. I love the idea of the sesame seeds.

What a lovely school tradition. And such a sweet mommy and daddy to go and make a special lunch for Jet. :D
XDD *blushes thoroughly*

It is a fun tradition, I have to admit. It's kind of fun to perch on those kid chairs and eat kid food from kid trays. *giggles*

Jet won't touch hot lunch, but it's fun to make him something more interesting than just a sandwich, sometimes.