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Uhm... Sorry...

Between the Oakland trip, the writing, and life in general, I haven't been real good at keeping up with my flist. If there's stuff you'd like me to see, please comment with it? And I'll look. I promise. Things have just been a bit nuts lately... Thanks!

Went for my massage this afternoon and my massage therapist was like just amazed at how bad a shape I'm in. We actually scheduled another appointment for next Tuesday just so she could catch up with the damage I've been doing. *headdesks*

Rode the exercise bike, after, and I needed it badly. I got to watch more Escaflowne and I can see why it's a favorite of summerqueen's, now. Got through chapters 5-8, and things are getting more convoluted. I was so exhausted until I did my ride, and the circulation really helped pick me up again. The shower didn't hurt. And then Jet and I ate dinner while John went to a meeting, and then he and I played some Crash, did some homework, and he's now working on his rocket.

Yeah. He's building a rocket that he's going to launch in a week. Whee...

Did some RP with stark, and going to do more, and write up more of the game that was played in Oakland. Game etiquette says that I should only write from the POV of my character, but there's chunks of the story missing from Blanc's POV. So it'll be fun, I think, to ask the other players to write at least the scenes my char completely missed. *laughs* We'll see. Reminds me of chatsubo days. Yeesh.

Word count stuff:
Twin Souls: 168
Stark RP: 893/2
day's total: 614
Total: 19,135
Tags: biking, jet, writing

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