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Quick Update

We had a dusting of snow all over the porch and sidewalks and front lawn this morning.  Walked to the bus stop in my down jacket and my rabbit fur lined bomber's hat and my sunset mittens.  It was worth bundling up.  I could see my breath in the air, and the puddles by the bus stop had frozen over, and all the boys were sliding around on the ice.

So when I went to get my allergy shots, they upped all the doses for the first time in five months.  With everything frozen, the pollen counts are nearly 0, so I got a bigger dose of everything and spent most of the rest of the day really tired. 

I noticed gas here is less than $2 a gal.  Wow.  I also found out that my favorite bacon cheeseburger, lemonaide, and cup of frozen custard was nearly a dollar less than it was during the summer.  It's interesting when the economy goes down that all the prices are going down, too.  The sales are pretty intense already. 

Put together an excel sheet for word counts, once a geek, always a geek.  And I wrote a lot of the game writeup while the boys went and fired rockets at their scouts gathering.  Jet managed to blow all the fins off his rocket when the launch pad failed, and he said that it went faster without the fins than with.  He also said, kind of off-handedly, that he won every race he was in, but one, and he tied in that one.  Made me blink a bit.

Word count for today:
writeup: 2100
ts: 382
total: 21,613


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