No Guilt!

I was feeling guilty about wanting to paint yesterday, and I suddenly realized that it was because of the darned word count thing. So I am going to STOP the darned word count thing if it's going to make me *stress* about painting.

My beta has done the deed and gotten me my last chapter of Twin Souls back! *dances* Now to edit and post...

Chinese Wisteria

A different kind of wisteria... less... patterned and less precise, I'll admit I got a little random, especially with the darker blue flowers in the bunches. Mom gave me a different reference for a more "Chinese style" wisteria. I rather like it, but the differences are pretty pronounced from the other.

I tried black and white bamboo again... and while it wasn't as much of a fail as the last few, the central stalk is TOO central... and I kept the leaves sparse, and this time I remembered to the the background leaves only after the foreground ones had dried. No running into each other anymore. Whew. I do like the front facing palm of leaves, and the few brand-new leaves off the shorter spikes. Hard to do these things right...

More Bamboo

And finally, two orchid plants on a rock face... it's an image that occurs occasionally in classical paintings, and I was intrigued enough by it to try. I still don't like my blossoms. *laughs* But they're getting the right shape now, and I'm getting there. The dark in the tips of the petals still isn't quite there...

Orchids from a rock wall

And, okay, I lied, but I'm just going to put the count, now, not the things I'm working on: 26538
They're lovely.

Incidentally, I showed the ones you sent me to my parents, and they asked when I was getting them framed. :)
Okay now I must admit that the bamboo one (while lovely) is lacking something. I don't know what, but it isn't as eye catching as it could be.

However I loooove the top one. The birdy is beautifully painted.

*smiles* And stop feeling bad about that silly word count. It's no fun if you stress about it. *giggle*
Hee. Did you see the iris on the meme I stole from you?

Well... black and white bamboo is tricky to make eye-catching. *laughs* The whole play of space and existence is just... odd sometimes.

Glad that you like the top one! Thanks!!

Yeah... It is no fun if I actually *stress* about it, so I'm probably going to stop with at least the stressing. I have taken more of a leaf from your book, though, and am just posting stuff without beta or too much worries, and it seems to be working just fine...
LOL...I hadn't seen that! You stolded from me! *giggle*

I can't paint or draw at all, so I can't imagine EVER being able to make it even remotely good. You do better than I ever will, THAT'S for sure.

Yeah, I just post whatever I feel like posting. Beta or no beta (most of the time not). I feel more freeeee with my writing when I don't worry so much about it. It's supposed to be something fun afterall. *laugh*
I love the bamboo one (second picture) personally. In fact, I think it's my favorite. :-)
*laughs and hugs you solidly* I'm so glad you like it.

I actually... am rather fond of the shadow leaves and the front palms of leaves, and the big stalk, for all I'm iffy about the placement, turned out nicely 3-D.

John likes it a lot, too. Hee.

*laughs some more* Hey! Do you want it? I've been giving away paintings for the price of shipping... maybe I should like charge a whole $5 or something for the painting and shipping and keep the rest for my paper and ink or something. *laughs*

Edited at 2008-11-16 02:58 am (UTC)
Hm, I see what you mean about the three bamboo stalks being so centered on the page, but their different sizes creates enough contrast that the symmetry isn't boring. The drybrush work on the thick stalk is particularly nice. I think the thing that sticks out for me about the piece is their order in the layer. The one which should be in the foreground by virtue of the way it's leaf falls feels receded because its detailing isn't as clear as the thick one. It's the same perspective perceptual illusion as how objects in the distance grow hazier and more diffused.

The bird is really fun!
Oh! Excellent observation!!

I'll have to be sure to peer more at that next time, as I was kind of thinking of lightening the thinner ones to put them more in the background but hadn't quite thought through all the leaves, yet... Neat!
Oh they're all so pretty!

Personally I love the the bamboo one the best. :D