Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

No Guilt!

I was feeling guilty about wanting to paint yesterday, and I suddenly realized that it was because of the darned word count thing. So I am going to STOP the darned word count thing if it's going to make me *stress* about painting.

My beta has done the deed and gotten me my last chapter of Twin Souls back! *dances* Now to edit and post...

Chinese Wisteria

A different kind of wisteria... less... patterned and less precise, I'll admit I got a little random, especially with the darker blue flowers in the bunches. Mom gave me a different reference for a more "Chinese style" wisteria. I rather like it, but the differences are pretty pronounced from the other.

I tried black and white bamboo again... and while it wasn't as much of a fail as the last few, the central stalk is TOO central... and I kept the leaves sparse, and this time I remembered to the the background leaves only after the foreground ones had dried. No running into each other anymore. Whew. I do like the front facing palm of leaves, and the few brand-new leaves off the shorter spikes. Hard to do these things right...

More Bamboo

And finally, two orchid plants on a rock face... it's an image that occurs occasionally in classical paintings, and I was intrigued enough by it to try. I still don't like my blossoms. *laughs* But they're getting the right shape now, and I'm getting there. The dark in the tips of the petals still isn't quite there...

Orchids from a rock wall

And, okay, I lied, but I'm just going to put the count, now, not the things I'm working on: 26538
Tags: painting
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