Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Busy weekend.

Lots done Saturday that just needed doing after the work push of the week before. Then we joined the First Congregational church, a UCC church in Longmont. They all love Jet, and he's having fun there, and getting to play with a lot of other kids. Today was the new member ceremony and Jet talked up a storm during the ceremony, as the minister there said, "Jet lent his own Amen to the proceedings." Indeed.

We even had breakfast with our 'sponsors', who were a couple with a six-month-old daughter, who only joined a couple of months ago, after an okay by their friends and the birth of their daughter. They'd been too busy, before, for church, and it was comfortable talking with them about their dogs, their new work schedule, like ours, totally changed for the new kid in our families, and we had fun watching Jet and Amy play together. That was cool.

Connections we'd never get in our technical field, with a guy who maintains fitness equipment from 4:30am to noon, and a lady who does massage therapy. And a little girl who loves her three dogs, all of whom are pretty good around babies. Jet loved playing with Bandit. That was another good introduction for him to dogs. The other thing that we nearly always find at churches is a connection to the previous generation, lots more elderly folks to create friendships with, and some way of benefiting from other people's experience and wisdom.

One cool thing is that First Congregational has good connections to the local food bank and food service organization, it's called the OUR organization and they serve whomever wants to come in for a meal every day of the week. So I'll probably take Jet with me, some day and serve food for hundreds. It should be fun. They've also got strong connections with the local branch of Habitat for Humanity, so we may go out one weekend and work until we're sore. The nice thing with the church having the connection/relationship with those organizations is that we can commit as much or as little time as we can afford.

Plus, they ask good questions. I've always loved the reform church's stance of each person having their own connection with God. And the best churches, for me at least, don't give you answers, they give you questions. I haven't examined my relationship closely lately, and it's time to do it again. No faith for me without doubt or questioning to lend it strength.

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