Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Rethinking Bamboo

I haven't like the last couple of bamboo paintings I've done... so I tried a few different things last night.

I started with the assumption that few leaves are better. So this is what I did when I went happily crazy and did lots and lots of leaves. I munged one of the stalks, ah well, but I was using the already liquid Yi-de ink, which I'm not that used to, yet. As you can tell by some of the darker, fuzzier leaves, I am saturating it a bit too much. Still... I like the layout of this better than the ones I have been doing...

Lots of Leaves

There's a painting by Yuming Zhu of a couple of bamboo from the ground up that made me rethink my scale of my bamboo. I don't think this is... uhm... botanically correct, as the windward side is a bit... sparse, but I liked the concept very much and may do more research to make this better. It does seem more interesting to me, though.

Skinny Bamboo in wind
Tags: painting
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