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A Good Day

Thank you, everyone, for your responses, you've helped me out a great deal.

It also helped that it was 76° today and sunny and I ran around in it for a while like a loon. Got a ton of writing done, though mostly not my personal projects. Jet had a special musical program. And I wore out a bike seat.

Yeah. Actually wore out my bike's seat to the point it was breaking down and John actually had to go buy a new one.

It's a five-year-old gel seat. It started leaking gel everywhere... so John bought me a new one yesterday, and I used it to ride to Target and, later in the day, to get Jet from school after his volleyball class and it was dark by the time we got home. And the new one is a beauty, a little harder, but just as broad, and good support.

Since it froze hard here, my allergies have been better, and my breathing is clear even at the bottom of a breath, now. Whew.

Unsurprisingly I gained weight on my Oakland trip. I am now shedding it at a decent rate.

I had my second massage, and did so much rp and writing after that my arms feel kind of burnt out, now. *sigh* But my legs and back are recovering, I think, from traveling quite so much. So that's to the good. Plus my massage therapist is having a holiday sale! *dances about*

Tonight Jet had a special musical program, so we had dinner early at Saigon Express, and I had the egg noodle soup, and ate one egg roll while John and Jet took turns eating the other. We got Jet to his lineup at 5:30 and then sat in the crowded gym with all the other parents until 6. Hee. That was actually fun as we caught up with adults we see now and again.

The program was all the 2nd and 3rd grades plus a special 4th grade choir that was actually quite good. About an hour all together, and then a bunch of folk headed to Cold Stone to celebrate. That was fun. A very nice evening.

And Jet's losing yet another tooth and showing it to everyone that will pause to take a look. *laughs* That is so him. I need to update my icons of him on this site...

I need to sleep before I'm too much of a pumpkin. Good night, folks. And thank you all, again.

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