Ups and Downs and All Around

Wrote a lot today. When I'm writing or painting or playing video games with Jet, all is good. In between I'm still having an oddly rough time of it, but still going back to all the things folks gave me, and that's been very useful indeed. I rode my bike out in the sunshine, so that helped too. And when I greeted Jet with the fact that I was cranky, he patted me on the hand and said, "I'll take care of you." And he did.

In the middle of the day it was in the mid-70's today, so I had to go ride my bike in the sunshine, and I added a couple of miles just so I could be out longer. I'm exhausted now, but that's to the good. I'll probably be able to sleep well.

I brought along coupons for Target and Borders, but Borders didn't have the latest Tsubasa RC and Target had none of the things I was thinking of getting, so I spent nothing and got a great ride. And then wrote like mad some more. So my word count is a little ahead. Good thing, as John's parents and his brother and wife are arriving tomorrow night. *laughs*

I was still... upset with myself when I let myself be, and when we got Jet from the bus, I just told him I was in a terrible mood and it wasn't his fault at all. So he did the hand pat and we went home, and played together for a while. Dinner was chicken katsu with curry, as I was just craving it, and more steamed rice to make rice balls for Jet for lunch tomorrow and Friday. For me, too.

I went to the onigiri site sarakate recommended, and the instructions on how to make salt salmon were so clear, I had to do it. Bought myself a four dollar, half-pound piece of wild caught sockeye, and decided frozen would be good enough. I salted it overnight, and sliced it into four slices, three of which went into the freezer. I cooked the last piece, and used some of it in a single rice ball I made myself for lunch. It was really, really good, and I didn't use nearly the whole piece, so I have plenty for tomorrow, too. Yay!!

Making that cheered me up.

Jet had some homework he had to get to, and John had a meeting, so we were left together for a while and neither of us had much fun with it when his handwriting frustrated any of my attempts at doing a word search he'd written. But... after he practiced a few letters, and I finally got a handle on myself and just stopped my own loop of dwelling on the bad: we got together a bucket of Trader Joe mini-peanut butter cups, a cup of the local egg nog (that the local dairy makes in beautiful quart glass bottles) for each of us, and went down and played Crash Bandicoot together and had a very fine time.

Then I was in good enough a mood to put him to bed very nicely and he was very happy as he went to sleep. Sometimes I am very glad that I can say sorry to him and make stuff up to him. Even if it involves peanut butter cups. *laughs*

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Glad you had a reasonably good-ish day and I hope things only improve.

Hm -- that post seems to have been deleted, possibly because of the comments I saw someone making on it. Sorry. (The colour spread is of Shunsui and Ukitake. Ukitake has heartbreakingly green eyes.)
YES! You sent me off to search and, indeed... those heartbreakingly green eyes. *happy sigh*

Goodness. And Shunsui. Wow. Thank you.

I found it elsewhere!
Peanut butter cups make up for a whoooole lot of grumpiness. :)

I wibble every time you tell us about your kid doing something awesome and loving. ♥ What a great person you're raising.

I find getting enough sun this time of year is critical to helping me manage my moods. If I forget to go outside because it's cold, I get the no-sun blues bad, and then I get pissy and it's just not a pretty sight.
Sometimes I'm pretty convinced that he's raising me, really... *laughs* Teaching me a lot of stuff, anyway.

Yeah... I have to watch that and make sure I get enough... and even then I still get angry/cranky, not just depressed.
*nodding along* Yep. In fact, since today is a sunny day, I think I'll go outside. Sure, it's -4 (with a windchill of -10), but I'm hearty, right? ._.
I swear you have the sweetest little boy I've ever heard of. What a capacity for empathy he has. You must be incredibly proud.

Yeah for getting outside, riding bikes and family.

Yes, he bemuses and astonishes me sometimes. I am very proud of him.