Ukitake-fierce, Ukitake-taicho, Ukitake-taichou

Bleach 335


Shunsui SWINGS FASTER WITH HIS LEFT when he's not thinking!!!!!!!!!! *JUST DIES* Oh my god. I have had that in my notes forever as one of those things he's got and figures out in combat and... *dies all over again*....

*dances the mad sword dance*

And, yes, incandecens, the color spread is magnificent.

Now I wanna write an AU with the two of them in that apartment. *laughs and laughs* And Jyuushiro's eyes are that gorgeous green. *sighs happily*

And I loved Jyuushiro's initial reactions. *laughs and laughs* He'll figure it out.
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OMG!!! ^______________________________^ It's so beautiful! <3 <3 <3 *loves*
I love the fact that Ukitake's vest and Shunsui's hat and scarf are made of the same fabric :) I like thinking that these matching pieces of clothing mean that Shunsui & Ukitake are, you know, *together*... :) Here's my guess: they can't wear wedding rings or anything like this, so these clothes are their way of showing - "Just so you know... We're a couple"

Also, my friend who wrote a dissertation about Japanese weddings says that there's a tradition that newlyweds often wear similar clothes during their wedding trip ^^ And it makes this picture even cooler <3
It's a totally splendid chapter!

And I am unduly pleased that he is sneaky. "Who? Me? Ambidextrous? Gosh, how clever of you to notice, I had no idea." :)

It's so good to have other people to squee with. *laughs and laughs*
I am so happy about this chapter (and the color spread) that words don't even begin to do it justice.

I cannot wait for next week's.
Me, either, I want to see how it turns out with Shunsui using both swords. I loved his cry of delight at Stark's abilities.

Wow... yeah, it definitely made me very, very happy.
When I saw that splash page, I squeed like a mad woman for minutes before hyperventilating. The only thing it was missing for me was Nanao in that green dress peaking around the corner at them. *laughs*

I have got to finish the story for them! It's been 5 months, but if it takes me too much longer I'm either going to have to do tons of rewrites or just leave it as an alternate time line. *stomps foot* I so don't want to do that.

If Kubo doesn't show at least a little of Shunsui's fight next week I'm going to cry. I want to see him fight so damn bad. And Juushirou channeling Charlie Brown was so cure. Good Grief indeed. *laughs* I have so much love for these men. :D

Oh, yes!! Nanao!! Hee, or looking very severe in a maid's outfit. *laughs and laughs* No no, that's terrible of me.

You have GOT to finish that story for them!!

And, yeah, I do want to see Shunsui going all out. It would be really, really, really sweet if we get to see their bankai, but so few of them have actually really let loose, yet.

*dances about* Yes!! I do love these anime guys far too much.
Hee. Yes. You should have an icon by now. *laughs*

Yay!! More bothersome muses!!