Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Storm for the Calm

There were little flakes of snow in the air as we walked Jet to the bus stop this morning. Yeah... dark, cold day today.

John and Jet are going to get John's parents, George and Isabel, from the airport, so I have my two hours of complete peace before things get... busy. *laughs* John's brother, Walt, and his wife, Cathie are coming from Albuquerque tonight, too. So it'll be a huge family gathering with lasagna and salad and garlic bread.

Walt and Cathie are going on with their trip in the morning, but we'll have the pleasure of George and Isabel's company for a couple of weeks. Yay! Thanksgiving with family will be fun.

Jet already has plans for five-way Mechatonage. *laughs and laughs* I had to read up on all the rules and play order and stuff. Maybe I should call amberley while we play just to keep it all straight.

Getting lots of verbage in my quiet time. Yay!

Word count: 37,829

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