And There Was Even More Squeeing....

For those that were squeeing over the Bleach chapter and the two-page spread... there's another goodie... and it was given to ME!! HA! *dances about* Akiahara did a gorgeous thing that, at first, I thought was a Bleach cover and then I whacked my forehead and was like "duh"... but... wow....

Look at it here.
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Hee! That's a very cute picture. And yes, even with as much as I've seen I can see those two being one of the major pairings. :)
I think she did a really great job. I suspect she offered it to me not having any clue how popular it was going to get. *laughs*
I love Akiahara's artwork. She did the original piece for that I cropped for my icon.

She's got a Shunsui Urahara piece from the pendulum arc that I keep begging her to finish. There just isn't enough Shunsui artwork. *laughs*

It was nice of you to pimp her work though. I know she gets a really big kick out of that. :D
Oh, cool! I'm glad she gets a kick out of folks pimping her work, though given the responses she gets she certainly doesn't NEED pimping. *laughs*

Mmm... she does do a lot of lovely stuff.
Well probably not now, you're right. But a little over a year ago when she first started posting her work I pimped for her everywhere I went. LOL!!

I think it was as much fun for me as it was for her. XD

Now she probably wishes she didn't have quite so many posts to answer. :D