Walking, a Quantum of Solace, and Wisteria

Took most of today off from the computer as I was writing pretty hard...

And went for a walk and painted a bit yesterday. Family visit has been good and fun, and, as usual, when John's Family is around I average a few thousand more steps a day and hit 10,000 more often than not. *laughs*

Everyone made dinner last night, so I was able to do this while they cooked a couple of beer butt chickens, roasted potatoes and asparagus, and made salad:

Windblown Wisteria

Went to Lyons today to see some quilting stuff (and not buy anything) and for a long walk by a creek. The edges were all frozen, so I took this from there:

Ice on Water

John and I got a chance to see Quantum of Solace this afternoon and it wasn't as good as Casino Royale, sadly. Oddly enough, it depended a lot on the previous movie and it's been long enough that I just... forgot. *laughs* There were a lot of kick-ass action sequences, though. Beautiful ones. But the opening action sequence just... didn't do it for me for some reason. Ah well. But the one before the end one did pretty good. The end just... left me oddly flat, mostly because of what I hadn't remembered, I guess. *laughs* But it's a Bond film... and Bond was cute and nicely ruthless.

Much better than most of the Bonds, Daniel Craig really does convey the hard-assed nature of Bond from the books, but combines it with all the new moves that can now be done for action films. The action sequences were really gorgeously thought through and sequenced. I seem to be watching that stuff a lot more closely now. *laughs* But the scaffolding scene was just astonishingly good.
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Oh such pretty art!!

Too bad the new James Bond movie wasn't as good. I'm sure we'll see it anyway. I've seen them all. The series is just too addictive even when the story lines aren't as fabulous as Casino Royale.
Oh, it's a good James Bond movie. *laughs* It was good and violent and lots of pretty girls, a good shot of a half-dressed Daniel Craig was very sweet, and great action and good vengeance motives and lots of stuff. I enjoyed it well enough.

And Casino Royale was very, very fabulous.

And it was a great date movie, as having grandparents to babysit couldn't be passed up...