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Permanent Accounts and A Strange Day

Just saw the notice that permanent accounts will be on sale on Dec. 4. It's interesting seeing the price now of $175.

Been a weird day. Good, but odd. Jet really wanted a video game fix, so he and I played with the grandparents went on a walk. Then he remembered a school assignment he had, and he needed to build an adobe house. So he and I rode to Hobby Lobby to buy some clay for him to build with.

Problem is that I had a mild case of stomach flu... and he wanted to eat at McDonald's and it worked out okay, as I just had a mug of hot water, and he ate, and we went the rest of the way to the store and got his clay. The ride actually cleared my head and my body of stuff, mostly, and by the time we got back home I felt much better.

He built his project and I got to work on the write up of the Don't Lose Your Edge game from the Oakland trip. 5000 words and counting and it's pretty good, I think, but it's clearly rp. *grins* With a few hanging plot lines that should be at least caught again in the next session... Jet needed a little online research to see what adobe bricks really looked like, after his initial wall collapsed... poor guy. He was devastated, but he figured it out himself.

Isabel made a gorgeous dinner, a seven layer artichoke heart casserole, and it was really, really good. We all ate, watched some of their photos from South Africa, including a detailed tour of the prison Nelson Mandala was kept in. Whew. Jet got to see some of "How It's Made" and went to sleep easily tonight, compared to last night when I think he had a little of what I had today. Bleah. I'm still a little sick, so I need to go to sleep. Sleep should be good.

And I'm darned close on the word count goal. I'm just NOT at all close with respect to getting Twin Souls done. Got distracted by rp with someone that really needed their muses kicked into gear, by Silver and Black vignettes, by Don't Lose Your Edge (which is well worth it), and by a story that just keeps haunting me. So it's kind of worth it, but I have got another 2000 words on TS's next chapter done. I refuse to go a whole month without another chapter.

Word Count total: 46,497

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