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A List of Things We Like

Hope everyone's having a good Thanksgiving. I liked this meme for this time of the year.

Stolen from gallo_de_pelea.

Calvin and Hobbes, especially when read by a seven-year-old who takes that extra minute to figure it out and then really, really appreciate the funny, and then later in the house there's a voice yelling, "Hey, Mom, can I ride my tricycle off the roof!!!?"
ALL KINDS OF PIE and the amazing recipe for pie crust from America's Test Kitchen which has never failed me
food processors
ice cream, especially with fresh ground cinnamon or fresh almond butter
mechanical pencils
sketch books
watching lines become recognizable people
Crash Bandicoot in all his forms.
the entire freaking schizoid English language with hundreds of roots in all kinds of languages
the scent of fresh-ground pine soot ink
the feeling of a brush sliding over unsized paper and the uncontrollable bloom of ink and color behind it
my Canon powershot A560
my 7" Henckels santoku
bamboo cutting board
the plastic pie bag that allows crust rolling galore
plenty of fresh Iron Goddess of Mercy or Wuyi 200-year-old tea bush tea and lots of hot water
biscuits fresh from the oven
a family that understands why I spend my hours at a computer
the earthy taste and scent of aged pu-erh, broken from a cake, steeped in a Yixing pot used for a 100 other cups of pu-erh
a seven-year-old with two missing front teeth learning how to whistle
in-laws that I really get along well with
putting an entire stick of butter in the stuffing and knowing why it's going to taste So Good
the scent of a turkey roasting
Dutch processed cocoa with anise and agave nectar
a basement where a dozen kids can run around and do what kids do without worrying about them or the basement
our house cleaners who freaking clean the house
all you folks taking the time to actually read this
the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, some things should always be the same
all right, I'll admit a sneaking liking for SpongeBob Squarepants
deep dark chocolate
my Cuban espresso with steamed milk and sweetened sin sweet
my wall 'o spice that loses everyone else
freshly ground cardamom brewed in my coffee
laughter, lots of it *grins*
getting done with my portion of the sermon for Sunday
a hot shower
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