Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Fanfic: Sweet Surrender

Fandom: Bleach
Character(s): Kira, Shuuhei
Rating: G -- Yeah, I know.. the title...
Word Count: 423
A/N: Speedfic with calmingeffects, day_eight, and some_scribbles, prompt is Kira and The Only Way To Get Rid of Temptation Is to Yield to it. some_scribbles won! Congratulations!!

It was the pancakes...

The sweet smell of pancakes and bacon and... was that coffee?

Kira was sore still, stiff now after having slept. He groaned at the smell of pancakes and wondered who in the world it was making those tempting, delicious, delicate smells from his kitchen. The state of his body had come from all the training exercises he and Shuuhei had been working on, getting each other in top shape for the coming battle. Their divisions had had their share of being hit and hitting their fukutaichou had seemed far too much fun for them.


He threw back the covers and groaned at how cold the air was and how his stupid body refused to move, but doggedly he got up, put his bunny slippers on, and stood up. His hip hurt, his back and shoulders ached.

He shuffled over to the bathroom and then into his shower. The hot spray gradually woke him up and loosened sore and stiff muscles. He lathered up all over, was careful to wash his hair thoroughly, and then rinsed off. He stepped out and dried himself off and the coarse towels felt good against his skin. He finally moved less like an old man and more like himself. He got the gel out and worked it through his hair before combing it into his usual cowlick of a style.

He could just ignore the smell. Go eat at the cafeteria with the rest of his division, build comradery and all that... but the tempting scent just kept nagging at him.

Finally, he couldn't stand it any more,he went down to find a whistling Shuuhei flipping more off the griddle. Shuuhei's black eye didn't seem to be bothering him all that much.

"Breakfast," Shuuhei said, as if it were nothing more then cold cereal and milk.

"Indeed," Kira said and sat down. He spread butter precisely over six of the buttery, eggy sweet-smelling cakes, and then poured syrup all over them. Two slices of bacon, a glass of orange juice, and a mug of coffee appeared by his plate.

"Better get eating," Shuuhei said, and settled down in a chair by Kira. He attacked his plate with as much intensity as he attacked the training exercises.

Kira took another long breath of the tempting scent. "I guess they won't go away unless I eat 'em."

Shuuhei just shook his head at Kira. "What?"

"Some temptations don't go away unless you yield to them..." Kira happily dug in.
Tags: bleach, fanfic
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