I'm Still In Awe

The very, very first fanfic I wrote, at the beginning of 2008, was one of Riku and Sora on the Dark Shore together called "Follow Your Heart" and I really enjoyed doing it.

And when I commissioned morgainelefae to do artwork for me, we bandied about lots of stuff, but I liked that fic and she found that the ending of it really grabbed her interest. And she's now done a full-page comic of the end of that fic. It's available on Deviant Art. It's utterly gorgeous.

She also did two amazingly cute little chibi drawings for "Silver and Black". One of David with his noodles and one of the two boys being sweet over a cuppa cocoa. *giggles* They're on Y! Gallery...
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Very nice pictures! I'm happy for you; it's great to have something to look back on. I've drawn things and have people write stories about them before, but your version is cooler. X3 I'll pretend it's similar so my comment seems less dull.

Also. I filled out a little meme thing, where it randomly selects usernames from my friends list...and apparently, my New Year's Resolution is to tell my family about you?
It is very similar to that!! Inspiring someone else always amazes me.

Woo... what do you want to tell your family about me? *giggles*
D: Absolutely nothing. Lulz. My family knows nothing about my online activities. Which is good, because my whole family is conservative.
*laughs* Wouldn't hurt to tell 'em you're talking online with a lady who's the moderator's wife of a church, who's been a deacon for 6 years, who preached a sermon a Sunday ago, whose's now a stay-at-home mom with a seven-year-old boy. That I do mission work in Biloxi. That I love to cook, knit (laughs and laughs), and write. Might give 'em a different view of online communication... ha.

We'll leave out the man-porn, the fact that I "only" build houses and don't evangelize, and that Obama belongs to my denomination... yes, we are about *that* left-winged, and that my husband is also happily staying at home. *laughs*

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Everyone makes me feel normal. D: Why is it that everyone I meet is so awesome? My French partner, I'm in my first sem. of college, is a 33-year old, Mexican native, lesbian who lived in Canada for five years and keeps reminding me that she's old enough to be my mother. DX

Very good stuff to know. I really only added you because you were doing that collab with Stark, but I've really enjoyed reading your entries. All I can really say is that I'm just a guy in his fifth year of French even though I want to major in Journalism, and I love theatre, books, manga, anime, TV, and movies to the point that it drives my parents crazy.

No reason to be sorry. *grins* I loved what you wrote, and it sounded like you...

Sounded like me.

My writing teacher: ...Having you write a paper makes anonymity pointless, because even though I cover up the names, I can tell it's you.
Me: I know. 8D Everyone can tell when I'm writing because I go off and add random things to my essays.
My writing teacher: That's not a good thing.
Me: 8D If you want to be a journalist it is~! Gotta have style! Pizazz!

I got an A on that essay, btw. >>;
Heh. Good going with the grade!!

And I think voice is important, and developing it into what you really want is a good things for any writer.
No one's normal. *laughs* Though I'll admit I think it's just the mileage involved... hardship builds character, character builds confidence/faith.

*laughs even more* I keep telling Stark that, too, that I'm old enough to legally be her mother. XDD She's threatened to have Chris ask David to adopt him. *laughs*

I'm glad that you're enjoying the entries!! And Woo... Journalism! Can you switch? Or is French just that much more accessible? Mmm... for the others... Fun things to be interested in.