bloody Byakuya

Bleach 337

*laughs quietly*

It's not like the boys had any more luck than the girls.
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*wicked grin* They all have to be appropriately underdogged so they can look super awesome when they win. :)

And it's traditional to make it look like they're losing before they kick someone's ass...

Yup yup. They do it deliberately, for just that reason. If the good guy wins too easily, it's not exciting. We have to see him get the stuffing knocked out of him, first. :p
*giggles* And once again Kubo proves he's not the sexist bastard some people claim. XD

I love Shuuhei, but I liked watching him getting his ass kicked. It'll be more fun next time when he wins. :D

I do love Shuuhei, and the fact that when he does get his ass kicked, he comes back even harder.