Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Unmotivated this morning. John's off to work at work today. I'm at home with busy work that I should be doing, but I'm terribly unmotivated. Jet was up four times last night, and while he loved *playing* in his crib, he's still only sleeping in his old infant's car seat. He's getting so long he's overlapping the ends of it, but it seems like he's taken to the seat as a security bed at night, and loves hugging the side of it when he's sleeping on his side. Not something he can do in the crib. I'm entirely uncertain of how to get him used to his crib other than to lose a *lot* of sleep for a few nights. Ah well.

I have found that Cafe d'Oro makes great instant espresso. A spoonful of that, a spoonful of Dutched cocoa, and a spoonful of sugar with three-quarters a mug of boiling water and a quarter of a mug of low fat milk and it's a low-fat, instant mocha. *happy sigh*.

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