My doom has finally befallen me...

I mailed Gabe's gloves this morning (along with a bunch of other packages, but that's not as cool a story) and I now have John's cold.

It was inevitable... as inevitable as the falling of a cherry blossom's petal...

Yeah, yeah, I'm taking it as a perfect excuse to drink soup, sleep, and play Okami to my heart's content.

And, no, really, you don't have to feel sorry for me. *laughs*
*thanks you with dignity and enjoys the tea very much*

Actually it really is. I have my blankets, my laptop, and my Man's taking care of me 'cause I took care of him when he was falling over dead... so it's actually quite nice. *laughs*
Join the club! XD I've been sick with a nasty chest cold on top of the leg injury. After fighting off any sort of cold and flu for almost 2 seasons (I was too busy with ballet commitment...), it was inevitable that the doom should befallen me as well.

Seriously though, rest up and have as much fun as you can.
There are times when it is in fact pleasant to be just sick enough to have to stay home, loll about, and coddle oneself, but not sick enough to where you're actively feeling miserable.

i hope you do feel better but also that you enjoy your down time.
Enjoy the downtime, and I'm glad that you finished the gloves and can now relax without having them to do. :)
*hugs* because virtual hugs are good for the soul and I can't catch your cold. :D

Feel better soon!!
Amen to both.

I've been under some... stress lately, and it's just getting worse with my not being able to sleep... *sigh*