Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Silver and Black: Drabble 6: Hands

Title: Hands
Series: Silver and Black
Characters: David and Chris
Genre: Yaoi, modern-day romance
Rating: PG for boy romance and language
Word Count: 618
A/N: This is a little ways into their romance, further than "Release", probably not quite as far as "Homecoming". Chris is owned by stark_black and David is owned by me.

David finally finished what he was doing and shut down the machine.

Chris was sleeping on the couch, the soft sounds of his breathing, the motions of his body small, constant reminders that his lover was there. That David was working later than he had anticipated, later than he really wanted; but less than before he'd gotten involved with the younger actor.

David closed his eyes for a moment, feeling just how tired he really was, the weight of this project, just like all those other project, heavy again as they were nearing another deadline. How long had he been doing this? And now with quarterly releases it happened four time a year instead of just once or even once every two years the way he remembered. Not only wasn't it as fun as it used be, the toll it was taking on him physically was now something he had to face.

Chris' career was just starting, and the younger actor's energy and enthusiasm were constant reminders to David just how little he loved his work anymore, especially in comparison to what he could be doing if he had the time to pay attention to Chris.

David stretched and tried not to make any more noise than the popping of all his joints. He let his breath out softly, and quietly got out of his seat and made his way over to the couch. He took a rare opportunity to study Chris' sleeping face. Without the constant watchfulness, confident energy, and laughing intensity that made him so handsome to everyone around him, Chris looked oddly vulnerable, almost sad.

David reached over in order to stroke along Chris' jaw, and Chris' green eyes opened before David even touched him. Gently, David completed his action and those green eyes closed in quiet pleasure.

"Sorry, love," David said softly. "Took a little longer than I liked."

"Mmm... s'all right," Chris mumbled and smiled a sleep softened smile.

David couldn't resist that smile. He climbed on top of Chris and hugged the bigger man solidly, burying his face against Chris' throat. Chris' arms came around him, and wrapped around him tight.

David had studied his finances and had been surprised to find that if he really didn't want to work, he didn't have to anymore.

There was plenty, even on a severely pessimistic growth curve, to tide both of them through at least reaching Chris' hundredth birthday. On a reasonable curve, it had looked more like a hockey stick than a curve. The idea that he just might not have to work was starting to dig its way into his view of everything he did, and the question of what did he want to do was eating at him.


"Mmm?" The hum made David smile. He wasn't going to talk about this now, not while Chris was half awake, but, for once, it was easier to just shelve work and be with the younger man.

"Love you. Maybe we should go to bed. My hands and feet are freezing."

A chuckle. "If I kiss you, will you hold them against me?"

David laughed. "Sure."

"Mmm... good. Gettin' too warm in here anyway..." Chris mumbled and pushed at David gently.

David got up off the couch, stood, and offered Chris a hand. Chris looked at it a moment and then took it. When David pulled to help Chris up, things popped and crackled all through David's wrist. Chris shook his head a little and silently rubbed the heated, slightly swollen tendons along the back of David's wrist. David sighed in pleasure.

"You can keep doing that forever."

"Maybe I will. Maybe I will..." Chris said softly and led David to the bedroom.
Tags: david_old

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