Epic Cold

My cold is just... gah. I haven't been able to sleep for the last three nights from between 3 and 6 am, but John let me sleep in late during the day. I was getting up at noon and today I finally forced myself to get up at my usual time just so that I might have a chance of sleeping tonight. I wish my brain would stop.

And the cold is just hitting my whole head, sinuses, eyes, nose, throat, and it's at that thick horrible stage where I just can't seem to breathe. My massage appointment seems to be rushing it along, too. Gah... And best yet, because of my breathing medications, I can't take any aspirin related painkillers and the Tylenol just isn't working on this sinus headache.

Just shoot me.

Does anyone else find it funny or odd that I still managed to write a 3600 word fic because I'd told someone I'd have it to them to beta? I think it's actually not too bad, either.
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You poor girl! What a rotten cold. You might try slathering some Vick's Vaporub on your chest and put a piece of flannel on it to keep your clothes clean. Or put a dab in a mug, pour boiling water on it and then breathe the vapors.
sadly, I'm allergic to the eucalyptus in the Vaporub.

But pseudofed's been working and not interacting with anything. *smiles*

The mugs of boiling water for breathing are helping immensely though, now. Mmmm... peppermint tea.

Awww, you poor thing. That's too bad about your cold (and meds conflicting/not letting you take pain relief blows). I hope you get over it soon! (Drink lots of OJ? I used to have an awesome cold remedy of just SWEATING that bastard out. Wear lots of sweaters, sleep in lots of blankets. If you woke up sweating, it was working.
I don't know if it actually WORKED, but it was something I did.)

Lol, that's too awesome that you wrote 3600 words regardless of health. You're a true writer (if there was ever any doubt). I'm the same way; if I say I'll do something, I'll do it regardless of whatever else is happening XD
Ooo! I've been using an electric blanket!! And I hope it helps if i just keep it on all night...

Heh. I'm glad someone else out there empathizes with Must Get It Done!! Yay!
Oog. I sympathize. I'd like to have my head removed so I can sleep...
EXACTLY. *hi5s*

god... I actually slept last night, it... helped immensely. The current scones this morning didn't hurt either.
I actually slept today - breathing thru my nose AND mouth (I breathe thru my nose when I sleep - not being able to do that makes it nigh impossible for me to sleep).

First sleep that lasted more than 4-5 hours in a row.

So tired of being sick. Glad you're feeling better.
YAY! I'm glad you got through it, too.

*hugs you warmly*

Yeah.. tired of being sick. I'm better, now... not perfect, but I can actually feel myself getting better... that is to the good.
I dunno if it's the same for you, but when I have a cold, it helps to keep my head mostly upright when I sleep. It keeps all the snot from bulking up and my ears from hurting, making it easier to go to and stay asleep (rather than wake up choking).
I usually just pile up pillows or stuff so that I', halfway sitting rather than lying down. I know a friend who puts stuff under her matrass, making her matrass go up.

Also, it's a great excuse to drink buckets and buckets of tea everywhere you go ;)
And can you use nosespray? If not, salty water on body temprature will work good, too. My mom always used to keep it warm AND close by by keeping the bottle between her cleaverage.
Yeah!! That's why Jyuushiro has Shunsui prop him up when he's not doing well. *laughs and laughs* I did that last night and added psuedo-fed and drank chamomille and talked with a few friends and had a long talk with my husband and...

It all added up to, finally, a good night's sleep.

The saline nose spray sounds like a REALLY good idea... thank you so much!!
*laughs* I just figured that since we're on different continents, chances were we could learn something from each others home cures (since they might not've had a chance to spread all the way there)
*huggles* I really am glad to hear you had a good night's sleep.
Yeah! That was a great idea. I like learning other things, too...

Thank you!!

Cold-eeze lozenges. Recommended by the doc I went to see about my laryngitis caused by post-nasal drip.

And they really help. If anything, they soothe the throat. Something about zinc.
Ooo! I have some of those...

Zinc's good at virus destruction, actually.

Thanks!! I'll use them today.

*hugs* Poor sweetie. I hate colds like that. Tylenol never works for me on anything so I feel your pain.

Nope doesn't surprise me a bit. You're the responsible type of friend. That's a good thing for your friends, but sometimes not always so much for you.

Get better babe.
Awwww such a *CUTE* Holiday Icon!!

Yeah. You have my sympathies as well.

Yeah, to the last. *laughs* Definitely...