Big Breath and A Cool Thing About Fanfic


I can breathe again. Thank you, everyone, for the good wishes and wonderful suggestions. I used many of them. Also calmingeffects, mysocalledhell, irana, and, of course, jetsdad helped me out with my brain. I hate it when my brain loops.

Jet helped, too, by playing Crash Bandicoot with me for a while.

I actually slept the night through. Whew...

amberley gave me the coolest link to an article by Nick Green on how cool it felt for him to get a bunch of fanfics of his Cat Kin, fanfics written by a bunch of 8th Graders.

I *loved* that.
Yay, I'm glad you're feeling better! Breathing easily is so wonderful and so underrated, every time I have a cold I rediscover it.

That article is awesome. What a wonderful class of kids, too. *beams*
It is an amazing class of kids, but maybe there are more classes like that than not? Who would know?

Yeah... breathing is pretty amazing... :-)

Oh yeah! for breathing!!!

and for 7 year olds that know how to make mama better. :D
Yay! And, yes, it is really cool having a seven-year-old that can help make mama better and knows it too. XD

It's good to be lucky.